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These 13 Tips Will Help You To Impress Any Indian Girl




Impressing a girl is not a big deal for some guys but still there are some of the guys who have hard time doing it. Moreover, the difficulty increases when it is about impressing Indian girls. As they are prejudiced and overdosed with Savdhan India stuff, hence, they look for comfort and security over real love. So today we have brought you 13 tips that will help you impressing any Indian girl.


1. Respect

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Maybe it sounds weird but it is the most needed trait you should have. Now respect here means you will respect her decision no matter what she would. This thought will fill you with the next trait.


2. Confidence

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Yes! Confidence is must. However, you will already have confidence in you. Since, there is no failure’s thought so there is no hesitation. Confidence brings a positive personality and believe me you can not impress any girl with negativity.


3. Groom Yourself

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Well it is not a tip, it is your right to stay neat and tidy. Being handsome isn’t about having “gora mukhda” It is all about cleanliness and tidiness. So go to the washroom with your tweezers or trimmers and take away all those unwanted hairs from face.


4. Have Patience

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Well Rome was not built in a day. You do not have to expect the love at first sight unless you have a luxury car, as we have stated earlier Indian Girl chose comfort and security over true love stuff.


5. Complement Her

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No girl hate compliment if it is genuine, you can avoid the old school compliments about the beauty. Just go casual like hey nice t shirt, or nice suit (tennu suit suit karda)


6. Be Laconic

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We do not think if there would be any girls that likes the vociferous and chatterbox dude. So you just need to be a man of less words.


7. Do Not Exaggerate Eye Contact

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Come on man eye contact is just to show your confidence and making her feeling comfortable. It is not a stare down battle, exaggerating this will bring her discomfort.


8. Sense Of Humor

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Although you need to speak less but whenever you speak just make it effective.


9. Listen To Her And Ask Questions

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Listen to her words carefully and ask normal questions in which she has to speak her mind out. To illustrate, if she is saying I watched a movie yesterday, ok what’s your review about it and then add one or two lines according to her review.


10. Ask For Her Discussion

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You can ask for her discussion about the tiny problems you have. It would give her the feeling that she matters to you.


11. Develop A Talent

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Well it sounds filmy but this is just to show that how much you are dedicated to the things you like.


12. Maintain Gentle Flirting Throughout The Process

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Well the flirting will give her the sign about your interest. And, fewer chances to you for ending up friend zoned.


13. Avoid Boys Group

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Maybe you will look antisocial but the group boys can irritate any girl. Plus it will give him the sense of being special for you, as a taciturn dude is actually interested in her.

No doubt, ever girl has unique set of  thought it is hard to say by what quality she will be impressed but you have to know your limits and be confident one goes another come. Do not make the commitments by yourself.


Ravi Dabas
the authorRavi Dabas
A literature student, horror movies lover, laconic speaker, a Muay Thai practitioner, full-time hustler and part-time writer and poet.

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