10 Bollywood Stars That Unveiled Their Sex Life Openly


There was a time when the word “Sex” was over exaggerated and it was considered to be an awkward topic to discuss. Even the Bollywood stars used to avoid any question related to their sex life. However, the awkwardness is now a thing of past as the Bollywood celebrities now openly talk about their sex lives. So today we have brought you 10 such Bollywood stars that unveiled their sex life openly.

1. Karan Johar

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Karan Johar’s sexual orientation and the sex life is always the focus of so many fans. In an interview, he opened up about it.

Karan’s Words.

Everybody knows what my sexual orientation is. I don’t need to scream it out. If I need to spell it out, I won’t only because I live in a country where I could possibly be jailed for saying this.

2. Ranveer Singh

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Unlike the Bollywood stars of the 90s, Ranveer didn’t hesitate to speak about it. In an interview, he was asked about the best birthday gift. He wasted no time and said, “Birthday sex is the best gift for me”. Pursuing it further he added he lost his virginity at 12 and he grew out to be a sex addict.

3. Govinda

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Well, it is a shocking name on the list but it is true. The actor has openly admitted having extramarital affairs.

4. Salman Khan

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All hell breaks loose when Salman unveiled the safe “V” thing. In an episode of Koffee With Karan Salman Khan stated that he is a virgin and save his virginity for his future wife.

5. Shahid Kapoor

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The next name in the list is Shahid Kapoor once stated that he can leave acting for sex. Admittedly, this shows that Shahid is one sex addict synonymous.

6. Alia Bhatt

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Alia Bhatt never hesitates about speaking her mind out and the same thing she did when she was asked about her favorite sex position. Without wasting any second she said “the classic missionary”.

7. Arjun Kapoor


Arjun Kapoor is not behind anyone when it is about speaking his heart out. On being asked what he was doing about the sex life since he was single at that time. He answered “Having it”.   

8. Vidya Balan

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Undoubtedly she made a bold statement to the fans with “Dirty Picture”. But the statement was bolder when she was asked about sex.

Vidya’s Words

We like it, need it and want it, as much as men do.

9. Ranbir Kapoor

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In an interview, Ranbir Kapoor said: “Casual sex is like masturbation”. Moreover, he went on to unveiling that he lost his virginity at the age of 15.

10. Priyanka Chopra

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The queen of Bollywood revealed all about her sex life. From having shower and phone sex with boyfriend.

It is good to see that finally sex is considered a casual thing, no more hyperbolic controversial word. What do you think about it? Write your views in the comment box.

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