15 Habits Of Office Colleagues That Are Too Much Annoying And Irritates Most

Coworker Habits


No doubt there is a little magnitude of people that like to go to office and do their job peacefully. However, some find the work is a subject of pressure, while some are the victim of their annoying coworkers. So, today we have brought you 15 annoying coworker's habits that can ruin any good day.


1. I know It All

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Admittedly this kind of people can be found anywhere but the most annoying thing is that they give you when you are doing an important job and their brag starts.


2. Gossip Freak

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Who likes to listen to a second person, when that second person is talking about a third person or maybe forth too? Perhaps few of us have interest in listening sometimes, but definitively not when we are working on the presentation that needed to be completed ASAP.


3. Loud Speaker

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One of the most annoying things is the cacophonous sounds of the vociferous coworker. They can give you all the reasons to hate sound.


4. Over friendly

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It is nice to be friends with coworkers but that over friendly person need to be avoided. If not, you will face chronic annoyance.


5. Crunchy Food Eating

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You are talking on phone with a ready to grab deal and then you heard a crunch then the second, then the chronic repetition. And, each time the crunch is louder than the previous one and now you are extremely annoyed.


6. Love Story Teller

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We are not interested in the love story of your friends or anyone. The irritation is the only thing these kinds of people bring to us.


7. Studs

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Studs are full of confidence, they are the combination of “Gossip freak” and “I know it all”. Most importantly they are annoying and have a childish behavior totally annoying.


8. Conversation Interrupter

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Nothing pisses more than the interruption of someone’s idea. But here it is worse as the interrupter’s objective is just to get attention.


9. Talk About Personal Life

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Everyone has a personal life, most of the time things get more irritated if someone digs out a personal chapter from it.


10. Talking Across The Office

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The worst habit is that they have conversation across the office. And, eventually disturbing all of the coworkers.


11. Criticism

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In the office we always have someone that will surely criticize your work, they do not know for how long in the night you were working on it. They just criticize whatever they like.


12. To Tell The Time Every Time

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These kinds of people have a habit of telling time sometimes in every five minutes.


13. Stealing Food From Fridge

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After a serious work, you are happy in the lunch break that at least now you can enjoy your favorite meal. However you found your food wiped out. Can anything be more annoying?


14. Inappropriate Jokes

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Besides the fun, the jokes can bring irritation if they are inappropriate and there are people in our office who make these kind of jokes.


15. Leaving Phone Profile General

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Perhaps they like their ringtone and maybe they will start to sing along when it rings, but for sure they will annoy us.

Undoubtedly, office life is no easy one in order to avoid these irritation just keep yourself busy in your job and enjoy your work then nothing can annoy you. If you have any suggestion or review please share in the comment sections.


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