These 10 Villages In India Are Nothing Less Than Those In Fictions(Amazing Indian Villages)


It is said that the true essence of the diversity of India lies in villages. Every region is known for its food, culture, and religion. But, here are some villages which are too unique to be actual places. Have a look at these Amazing Indian Villages which will awaken the travel bug inside you!




The uniqueness of this village are water tanks. Yes, each house in this village comprises of a rooftop water tank, and each tank is designed in a unique way. Airplanes, tractors, cars, horses are some designs carved on the tanks.




It is a small village located in Himachal Pradesh, where the only God is King Akbar. People here follow the bicameral parliamentary system. A heavy fine is imposed on people who dare to touch walls or belongings of the native people.




If you respect cows and buffaloes, this village will provide you free dairy products. Located in Kutch district of Gujarat, this village is renowned for white revolution.

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The weird thing about this village in Kerala is the unusual number of twins born. 45 out of 1000 children born here are twins. This ratio is 700% higher than average global ratio.


Hiware Bazar


Known for a huge number of farmer suicides due to drought, this village in Ahmednagar (State:Maharashtra) is now blooming with greenery. It is the richest village in India, where 60 millionaires are residing.




Mud houses, underdeveloped roads, and weak signals are what you expect when you think of a village. But, this village in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat is far advanced than any other town or village of India. Solar powered street lights, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi service and clean drinking water is what has made this village the smartest one.




The most unusual thing about this village is that they have the most poisonous snake ‘cobra’ as their pet. Each house in this village has a special place reserved where cobras can live. No fatal activity has ever taken place here.


Shani Shignapur 


The unusual thing you will get to see when you visit this place in Maharashtra is the houses. No house in this village has doors installed. Even the government buildings, police stations do not have doors. No activity of theft, murder or rape has ever been reported in this village.

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Even though Haryana is known for the highest number of female foeticides, this village is known for the love and respect females get here. Whenever a girl child is born, sweets are distributed and the girl is welcomed with a huge celebration.



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This village in Karnataka is known for its birds. On one hand, where farmers use scarecrows to frighten the birds and animals away, this village welcomes the birds and have installed specific places for their inhibition. They are carefully fed and kept there.

The villages of India are its soul. Help them grow, and let them blossom!

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