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These Are The 10 Amazing Perks of Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance



Long distance relationships are beautiful for the sole fact that despite the distance that separates the couple, their love remains the same. Distance is only a barrier that they will overcome is due course of time.


1. Trust Grows Immensely

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Your trust in your significant other will grow in heaps because you trust them not to do things that you don’t like, not to break your trust and do what will make you happy. You just know that they will be fine.


2. Surprises!

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Long-distance relationships are full of surprises – starting from surprise visits to surprise dates to surprise gifts. Who doesn’t love surprises!


3. Fair Share Of Alone Time

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One will never have to ask his/her other for some personal space. People can do their own things at their own pace and at their own will. You get a lot of time to yourself whether you like it or not, and you can use this time to pamper yourself like never before.


4. Even Your Daily Chores Start Feeling Phenomenal With You Do It With Them

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When your lover comes and visits you, even doing your daily chores such as cleaning and shopping with them feels absolutely special. Nothing can really beat it.


5. Accelerates Your Desires

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Not seeing each other for days, weeks, months or even years together can fuel your mental, social and sexual desires thereby enabling you both to make the best out of your time when you meet.


6. Every Fight Brings You Closer

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Despite having those occasional fights, you both know how much you mean to each other and your fights don’t change anything at all, in fact they bring you both closer.


7. You Start Becoming More Creative


You start thinking of new ways to surprise your lover and you think out of the box to surprise him/her and make them happy. You unleash a whole new romantic side of you that you probably never even knew you had.


8. Your Relationship Is Not Merely PhysicalPage-8-Image-8 Ref:

Your relationship does not depend on physical intimacy. It is about mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual bonding now.


9. Makes You Self-Sufficient And Independent  

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You don’t have to depend on your lover for everything. You don't have a choice but to do your own work all by yourself and become independent.


10. You Can Dress Up However You Like!


You can just wear your pajamas and chill at home while talking to your lover. You don’t have to keep dressing up at all times.

All relationships are beautiful. If you're in love, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not, well you'll find out in good time!

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