Zomato Replies After Customer Highlights Online Vs Offline Food Prices Difference

Zomato Response On Online vs Offline Food Price Difference

The operations of restaurants are significantly impacted by the internet and technological improvements. Given that most people spend a significant portion of their days online, restaurants have enormous market potential. Customers who frequently have restaurant food are more interested in buying food online. When you order food using a food delivery service like Zomato or Swiggy, the price goes up.

It’s because taxes and delivery costs are frequently added on to the cost. As all we care about is our convenience, we occasionally neglect these issues. Some people have been very harsh on these price difference issues. Rahul Kabra, a customer, posted a picture of a food item’s offline and online bills. Rahul Kabra disclosed the whole comparison. He found a difference of INR 177 between his offline and online bills. Rahul Kabra’s LinkedIn post has finally received a response from Zomato.


Customer Compares Zomato Online Bill With The Offline Bill

Zomato online vs offline price difference

Kabra posted online that he had ordered mushroom momo, vegetable fried rice, and Veg Black Pepper Sauce. He placed the order from a restaurant on Zomato. The prices for the items were 175, 245, and 269 rupees, respectively. When he purchased the food at the outlet, the same products cost him INR 170, INR 199, and INR 119, respectively. Proof that #Zomato wants to profit more from each order than the restaurant! This was the title of Kabra’s post. Kabra remarked that the price of his offline order was Rs 512. While Zomato charged him INR 690 for the same stuff. The invoices had a discrepancy of INR 178.

Rahul Kabra continued by saying that if customers learn about the discrepancy, they will eventually stop placing orders through Zomato. He claimed that if customers learn about hefty delivery fees, they will switch to a different alternative. Kabra emphasized that Indian consumers will always negotiate a deal to their advantage. They will benefit from comparative analysis because of any increased pricing. The company received a lot of negative feedback from people after the post went viral. Many other individuals brought up similar anecdotes. This made things worse for Zomato. However, Zomato has now addressed the issue and clarified the situation.


Zomato Responds To Online Vs Offline Food Prices

Zomato App

More than 12,2400 people reacted to the post, and over 2100 people commented. The post has now been addressed by Zomato. They said that Zomato serves as a platform that connects diners and restaurants. It does not influence the prices set by the platform’s restaurant partners. They have informed the restaurant partner of the feedback and asked them to check into this. In response to the post, Zomato

“Zomato being an intermediary platform between a customer and a restaurant, does not have any control over the prices implemented by the restaurant partners on our platform.”

“That said, we have conveyed your feedback to the restaurant partner and have requested them to look into this.”


Some readers emphasized that when buying food online, there are additional costs to consider. Users stated that consumers must recognize how these services save time. The time spent traveling to the shop and getting food home is saved when ordering food online. Additionally, services like Zomato ensure that customers receive delivery on their doorsteps. Bad weather or any other factor does not cause any delay in delivery.

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