Zomato Asked Followers About The Most Creative Restaurant Names

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We all love to go out for having fun, entertainment, and even dining. Even we order food online and it is the best option because of several reasons. Some places give us an amazing experience while some disappoint us. We like the service of some restaurants, in some of them we like food and in a few we like ambiance. It all depends on the situation, mood, and occasion. Agree or not, there are some restaurants which attract us by their name which gives us craving to visit and have food. Nowadays, we see the owner of the restaurants keep attractive, creative, catchy and memorable names which are not easy to forget. Most of us have come across with the most creative restaurant names, isn’t it?

Zomato Creative Restaurant Names

Recently, one of the popular food delivery app Zomato asked its followers about the most creative restaurant names they have ever come across.

The users come up with hilarious, attractive and catchy names. Some of them have shared the images of the restaurants too. Let us check a few of the most creative restaurant names.

Competition in every business is very strong. In food delivery applications there are three giants Uber Eats, Zomato, and Swiggy. Zomato is putting its efforts to engage its followers and users. They always put questions in their twitter handle and you will find funny replies in it. While talking about unique names, we have come across a restaurant with a unique concept in which love is the price to take any food and you don’t need to pay any money. Check out Ahmedabad Seva Cafe. These are a few of the most unique, creative restaurant names we have come across on twitter. Which one do you find unique? Let us know your top 3 in the comments. Do you have any other name which should be mentioned? Do let us know and we will put it in the article.

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