Zomato, Pune Eatery Fined Rs 55,000 For Delivering Non-Veg Insted Of Veg


The consumer court in Pune has ordered food-delivery app Zomato along with the city-based restaurant Preet Punjabi Swad to pay Rs 55,000 to a customer after they have wrongly delivered butter chicken instead of paneer butter masala.

This happened in Pune to a Nagpur-based lawyer Shanmukh Deshmukh who was delivered non-veg food. This happened not once, but twice. Shanmukh Deshmukh filed a complaint to the consumer court. On May 31, he had ordered Paneer Butter masala from Hotel Preet Punjabi Swad through the food delivery app Zomato. But he was delivered Butter Chicken. While eating, he realized that it is a non-veg dish chicken and not paneer. Since the curries of both dishes look alike, he didn’t realize it was a chicken dish and ate it.  After realizing that it was a non-veg dish, he informed the restaurant. The restaurant Preet Punjabi Swad promised lawyer that it will replace his order.


Shanmukh Deshmukh received another parcel from the restaurant Preet Punjabi Swad as promised. But he was shocked that again the dish turned out to be butter chicken. He filed a complaint against the food-delivery app Zomato and the restaurant claiming that his religious sentiments were hurt by their actions. Shanmukh Deshmukh also demanded a compensation of Rs 5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh for harassment.


Zomato argued in the consumer forum that it was the fault of the restaurant and not theirs. As it was the restaurant who delivered the wrong dish. As per Zomato, Shanmukh Deshmukh has complained against them to defame it as it had refunded his amount. But the consumer forum considered it to be equally guilty. The restaurant has admitted its mistake.

Both restaurant and Zomato were directed to pay Rs 50,000 for deficiency in service and the remaining amount for the mental harassment within 45 days. Well, this can happen to anyone. Also, now you should not pay for paper bags while buying things.

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Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya