Don’t Pay For Paper Bags; Bata Charged Customer Rs 3 For Paper Bag; Got Fined Of Rs 9000

The Customer Was Charged Rs 3 For The Bag


It happens a lot when we go for shopping and an extra charge of a few rupees has been taken from us for the paper bag. Well, the amount does not look like a big deal to us bus if we pay attention; it is actually a bigger issue. A recently happened incident showed how this shows the lack of quality in the service of the company and also how they endorse the brand through these bags which is totally unfair and less professional. A young man of Chandigarh was charged Rs 3 by Bata Limited. However, the tables were turned on the popular shoe company and it ended up paying Rs 9000.


Bata Charged Customer Extra Rs 3

Bata Charged For Paper Bag

Dinesh Prasad Raturi was bough shoes from Bata showroom and he was charged an extra Rs 3. This adds up to the bill to be Rs 402. Now, this is something that regularly happens to us. However, the thing done by Dinesh is not something that we do and we should take a lesson from this.


The Customer Took The Matter To Consumer Forum

Bata Charged For Paper Bag

Dinesh reached out for the consumer forum and lodged a report. The matter was concerned as a result of that Bata has to pay a sum of Rs 3000 to Dinesh. Moreover, they now have to deposit an amount of Rs. 5,000 in the legal aid account of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.


The Company Has Also To Pay The Litigation Charge

Bata Charged For Paper Bag

All in all, the extra charge (Rs 3) will be given back to Dinesh and the company has also to pay the litigation charge of Rs 1000.

These little scams happen daily and we may not pay much interest on these as the amount they leech from us is not much. However, if we think about the magnitude which these scams are going on, we will find the matter considerable.

So next time you go shopping, be aware of these kinds of small scams. Also, check why online shopping is better than offline.

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