India Claims Top Ten Of World’s Fastest Growing Cities In The World

Surat Fastest Growing Cityvia

First of all, There is great news waiting for Indians as the Bloomberg’s report rolls in. In the Global Cities Research of Oxford Economics, Surat is holding the top place. According to the report, Surat will be facing the fastest economic growth between the years 2019 and 2035. In second place is Agra and in the third spot is Bengaluru.  In addition to that, The annual growth rates for each city respectively are 9.17%, 8.58%, and 8.5%.


Surat Will Face The Fastest Economic Growth Rate

Surat Fastest Growing City

Most noteworthy, In the world’s fastest growing cities, the top 10 are all Indian and 5 of the same are South-Indian cities. These cities are Bengaluru, Tiruchirapalli, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Vijayawada. They have gotten third, eighth, ninth, fourth, and tenth place respectively.


Surat Fastest Growing City

Certainly, There is other important information that the report and research revealed. These are as follows: According to the report, the total GDP of North American and European cities will fall below the total GDP of all Asian cities. Asian cities will see a 17% increase in GDP by 2035. The research also concluded that the overall economic output of Indian cities will comparatively be lesser than that of foreign countries’ metropolitan cities.


Here’s A List Of All The Indian Cities In Comparison

Surat Fastest Growing City

Surat is a diamond processing and trade center located in Gujarat. It will see the fastest expansion through 2035, with an average of more than 9 percent. This was reported by Richard Holt who is the Head of Global Cities research at Oxford University. During this period, all of the 10 fastest growing cities will be in India.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments below. This is surely great news and we are looking forward to the economic growth as estimated. Love reading about Indian cities? Well, check out this list of Indian cities which pay the highest salaries.

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