These Indian Cities Pay The Highest Salaries To Their Employees – #10 Is A Surprise


News of Bangalore is the highest paying city to its employees have been recently emerging. The only difference that occurs in salary variations in different cities is due to the cost of living. Metro cities obviously pay the highest amount of salary but even the two-tier cities aren’t behind in the race of pay scale. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi pay the highest salaries for obvious reasons, but the rest? Today we have a list of 10 cities that pay the highest salaries to its employees.


1. Bangalore


Bangalore pays for the Talent, here the highest salaries are paid to the Professionals. Employees from every level and function get a good amount of CTC (Cost to Company) Pay. The average salary for employees touches a pay of 10.8 Lakh per annum. Matching up the high standards of the city the employers makes sure that their people are being paid well. This makes Bangalore the most Job favored city in India, which is the reason why Bangalore is firmly keeping its position of being on top of the highest paying city in India.


2. Pune


Surprisingly Pune left Mumbai behind in the race of being the better job generating city in India. With the Average pay of 10.3 lakh per annum, it’s become a hub of new job opportunities in India. New talents are emerging every day in Pune making it second best in this list.


3. Delhi


Being the commercial hub of the country, Delhi has firmly made its position on 3rd in this list. With the newest job ventures in the country and being the National Capital, Delhi on average pays an amount of 9.9 lakh to its employees.


4. Mumbai


If we were to include the salaries of Bollywood stars and Hindi Television actors, the average salary in Mumbai will be way ahead of all. But apart from the acting industry, the jobs in Mumbai are also top notch. It pays an average salary of 9.3 lakh to its employees owing to the reputation of being the most happening metro city in the country.


5. Hyderabad


Likewise Bangalore, Hyderabad is the most preferred city by Indians when it comes to the job destination. With new ventures and opportunities emerging every day, the IT professionals and Software engineers choose Hyderabad as their Dream city. The reason being it’s good salary package that on an average pays 7.9 lakh to its employees.

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