Meet Unknown Hero Arun Buch, Who Is Running Arunoday Seva Trust At Gandhinagar


For doing something for the nation, not every person need a uniform. There are many people around the country who make the nation proud by doing something useful for it. Today we have a story of a person who is helping people through his amazing work Mr. Arun Buch.

Mr. Arun Buch is running the Arunoday Seva Trust at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He has been working as a personal secretary with various ministers and also chief minister of Gujarat state for the period of 36 years. The said work has been recognized and also being recorded in national records of Limca Books of Records in the year 2011. Also recorded in India Books of Records on 6th January 2014 in Asia book, the same is recorded on 16th June 2014.

Arun Buch Arunoday Seva Trust

Being a writer, Arun Buch has also written various books. Two books have been written as regards to his Karmbhoomi Gandhinagar. Apna Saunu Gandhinagar and Apna Saunu Gandhinagar, Yesterday – Today – Future. Both books have been released for public by Shri Morari Bapu on 23rd April 2011. On 11th May 2011, both books have been accepted for the public by the honorable chief minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. He also released the book, Sansadiya Lokshahina Lekha Jokha.

As we said, some people don’t need a uniform to be a Hero,  Arun Buch is one of them. He has been selected in Anti Ragging Committee of Gandhinagar for the various arts and commerce colleges of Gandhinagar and also selected in various committees of Gandhinagar viz. District Jail, Gandhinagar, Remand Home Gandhinagar, Women Safety Department, Legal Support System, and Understanding.

He has been selected in committee to create the safe environment for women in Gandhinagar District and to solve the related issues of the same to ensure the safe environment for women of the district. He is also a member of local crisis group of Gandhinagar and also been appointed as a Chief Warden of Gandhinagar City Civil Defense. To control ragging related activities, he is also a member of Ethics and Anti Ragging Committee of Gandhinagar Medical College being run by Gandhinagar Medical Society and also in Legal Aid Committee, Gandhinagar.

To clear the traffic issues and problems in Gandhinagar city, he has made traffic brigade. He also has been appointed as trustee and Secretary of the same brigade. By making this brigade, he has also provided and arranged training to various youths. Due to which employment has been given to around 300 youngsters.
Arun Buch is also a member of Gujarat Vidhyut Niaman Panch and a member in Gandhinagar District Praja Police Mitra Committee since 1st April 2011. For women, he is a member of the Sexual Harassment Committee for the women who are working at Rajbhavan for the solution of their problems related to it during working and job place.

For his contribution, Arun Buch has been appointed as a member in a committee being formed by Honourable Supreme Court of India to resolve the issues and problems of women of Gandhinagar District.

Arun Buch has been awarded and his work has been recognized and respected by Gandhinagar City Residence Maha Mandal and also by various many such agencies/groups through Governor, Gujarat state. He is also selected for the appointment of Chief Warden, Civil Defense since 18th February 2009 in Nagarik Defence Ekam, Gandhinagar.

This was all about the work and contribution from Arun Buch to the society and the nation. We urge people to support his Arunoday Seva Trust. Also, read unknown heroes of India who devoted their life for a cause.

Praneet Samaiya
the authorPraneet Samaiya