World’s Strongest Passports List 2022: India Ranks 87th, Here Are The Top 10

Strongest Passports

Arton Capital recently released The Passport Index 2022. It lists the strongest and weakest passports in the world. The rankings of passports also show how many nations you may visit without a visa. A passport is a travel document that confirms the holder’s identity and nationality. It is given to citizens by governments. Six territories accounted for the list of 139 United Nations members while generating the Passport Index. The information is based on official data that governments have released. Furthermore, it is strengthened with research from highly trustworthy sources. These are the top 10 nations with the strongest passport In 2022


1. UAE

UAE Passport

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern Arabian Peninsula. The seven emirates are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallemanmadeade structure, as well as variomanmadeade islands, are other well-known features of the UAE. In the ranking of passports for 2022, UAE came in first. Travelers can easily visit 180 countries with a UAE passport. Out of this, UAE passport holders can visit 121 countries visa-free, 59 countries with visas on arrival, and 18 countries require a visa to visit.


2. Germany

Germany Passport

Germany is a Western European nation with a terrain made up of rivers, mountains, forests, and beaches along the North Sea. It is one of the largest nations in Europe. Germany’s landmarks significantly contribute to the tourism industry, bringing millions of tourists to the nation each year. According to the ranking of passports for 2022, Germany is ranked second. A German passport also makes it easy for travelers to visit 173 different countries. Additionally, 127 countries can be visited visa-free, 46 countries with visas on arrival, and 25 countries require visas.


3. Sweden

Sweden Passport

The Nordic region’s largest country by both areas of land and population in Sweden. It is a synonym for iron, steel, and flat-pack furniture. Swedish music is also one of the nation’s major exports. It is famous for creating numerous well-known pop artists and bands. The nation is also the sixth-oldest in all of Europe. Sweden is ranked third on the list of strongest passports. Furthermore, holders of a Swedish passport are permitted to travel to 173 nations. Out of this, a Swedish passport holder can visit 126 countries visa-free, 47 countries with visas on arrival, and 25 countries require a visa to visit.


4. Finland

Finland Passport

Northern Europe is the location of Finland. Nearly two-thirds of Finland is covered in dense forests, and the nation experiences extreme weather. This makes it a European country with the densest forest cover. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is famous for its architecture and design, and it is a secure place to visit. Furthermore, Finnish winters are perfect for winter sports like skiing and ice skating because they are long, chilly, and dark. Finland is listed as having the fourth-strongest passports in 2022. Passport holders from Finland can easily travel to 173 other countries, of which 126 are visa-free.


5. Luxembourg

Luxembourg Passport

Northwestern Europe includes the nation of Luxembourg. Despite being one of the smallest nations, there are many things about it that the rest of the world is unaware of. Additionally, both German and French cuisines have a significant influence on their cuisine. The nation nonetheless holds on to a lot of folk traditions. There are also several famous museums, mostly in the Country. Luxembourg is the next nation on the list of those with the strongest passports for 2022. Travelers can freely travel to 173 countries with a Luxembourg passport, of which 126 countries are visa-free.


6. Spain

Spain Passport

Spain is a country in the extreme southwest of Europe. It is a fascinating nation filled with stone castles, snow-capped mountains, enormous monuments, and advanced cities. Its popularity as a travel destination is a result of all of these. The nation is very diverse in terms of its geography and culture. The Country’s southern region is a desert area. Spain is next on the list of those with the strongest passports for 2022. A Spain passport also makes it easy to travel to 173 other countries, with 126 countries visa-free.


7. France

France Passport

France is one of the most significant countries in Western history and culture. It is located in northwest Europe. With past colonies everywhere, it has also played a vital role in world politics. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean also form borders with the nation. It is the largest agricultural producer in Europe and one of the most influential industrial nations. Additionally, it comes in at number seven on the list of nations with the strongest passports for 2022. Travelers can freely travel to 173 countries with a France passport, including 126 visa-free countries.


8. Italy

Italy Passport

South-central European nation Italy is located on a peninsula that extends far into the Mediterranean Sea. It is popular as a country in the shape of a boot and contains some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes on Earth. The Alps, one of the most untamed mountain ranges in the world, also stand at its broad peak. It draws a sizable number of visitors from all around the world. Additionally, Italy is next among nations with the strongest passports for 2022. An Italian passport permits you to travel to 173 nations, including 126 visa-free nations.


9. Netherlands

Netherlands Passport

The Netherlands is a nation in northwest Europe. In addition, the nation is surprisingly low-lying and flat, with extensive stretches of lakes, rivers, and canals. The Netherlands is also one of the nations with the densest populations in the world today. The Country is the next nation on the list of those with the strongest passports, and holders of that passport can travel to 173 different countries. Out of this, 125 countries are visa-free, 48 countries have a visa on arrival, and 25 countries require a visa.


10. Austria

Austria Passport

Austria is a landlocked nation in south-central Europe that is mostly hilly. Its diverse topography supports a wide range of animals, including endemic species that are under protection. Austria is tenth on the list, and Austrian passport holders can travel to 173 countries. Out of these 173 nations, 125 are visa-free, and 48 are with a visa on arrival.


India’s And Pakistan’s Rank On The List Of Strongest Passports In 2022

India Passport

Many nations have eased or removed restrictions on international travel after the pandemic. It contributed to the summer and fall travel booms. While travel is still not as popular as it once was, folks who have been longing to travel are undoubtedly feeling restless these days. In the list of the world’s strongest passports for 2022, India’s passport comes in at number 87. Pakistan was 94th on the list.

The less glamorous aspect of leisure is just as important as the enjoyable side, which includes activities like going to the beach, eating ice cream, and shopping. It takes a lot of work to apply for visas, argues with your travel companion, and confirm your passport is still valid. Some passengers, nevertheless, have significantly easier times since they have the right passport. Earlier this year, Henley also published a passport index. Additionally, according to the recently released Passport Index, the best passport to own these days is one from the United Arab Emirates.

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