After Reading This, You Will Say, Sweden!! A Real Heaven On Earth



Wanna lead a happy balanced, stress –free life?

Wanna access anything for free?

Want to work for just 6 hours and yet good salary?

Wanna travel other countries with no cost?

Wanna have free education for your children?

Want to have PAID leaves?





Now, you may feel enough of saying. Does all this really exist?

Yes, it’s true these all exist

It’s in Sweden, Europe

You needn’t scratch your head to learn new language as 89% of people in Sweden speak English.

Here are the some of its awesome facts that after reading, you will definitely make plans to settle in Sweden.


1. No need to worry of your children's education if you are a Swede citizen




Sweden pays its students $187(12,472 rupees) per month to attend high school.


2. People Filled With Love And More Importantly Gratitude




Swedish blood donors receive a thank you card whenever their blood saves someone's life.


3. It uses waste to heat homes and generate biofuel




It has generated zero waste and generates a lot of energy through waste. It is set to become the first country to phase out petrol completely. Sweden ran out of waste to power homes, and started importing garbage from neighboring countries.


4. Sweden citizen gets visa-free travel to more countries than any other passport




5. Parents of Child gets 16 months of PAID leave even if they adopt a child.




Because, Sweden believes that a child has to be reared by both its parents to have a healthy childhood. And after that? Even child support is subsidized.


6. Do you thrive to work with an equal status once you become mother? Sweden is the place for you.




Sweden has the highest rate of working mothers. Women can be expected to work with an equal status.


7. Tuition is free for all university degrees




They give an emphasis on education.


8. You are free to move anywhere in the beautiful outdoors of Sweden even if it is on a private property.




9. Streams that run in nature is pure and clean that you can drink water off any tap in the whole of Sweden 




10. The average Swede works only for 6 hours every day



That's the dream of many in India


11. You can take 4-6 weeks of holiday in the month of July if you are a Swede citizen




Really awesome? Isn't it? There is LIFE in it.


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