Most Eco-friendly Offices In the World


Working green has become as important as working in consumer-friendly work culture. Companies are becoming progressively eco-friendly in different ways. And among all this, eco-friendly office space is a whole new deal. Some eco-friendly features of some offices will really blow your mind.

Below are some of them:

1. Apple’s Cupertino Campus, Cupertino


A car-free environment, shunning of carbon emissions and tunnels linking two campuses so that employees can walk without cars, what can amaze you more than this!


2. Google, Worldwide


Well, they have committed to using toxin-eliminating health materials and turn buildings into living systems, in which they would use natural light and clean air.


3. Foundation Nicolas Hulot for Nature and Humankind, Boulogne


They take going green seriously and out of this enthusiasm, they have a wall of plants. Not only this, in the construction, its walls is made of recycled materials and natural linoleum was used for the floor.


4. Nike European Headquarters, Hilversum


The headquarter building of Nike in the Netherlands saves rainwater on the roof and use it for gardens and toilets. They save over 4 million liters water every year!

Now this! Nike utilized around 8,000 training shoes to build their tennis and basketball courts.


5. University of British Columbia Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver


The building is designed with a specialty of regenerating the environment. They use renewable sources of energy to power up itself and the nearby building. Also, drinking water is generated from rain and they treat wastewater also. They save an energy consumption of about 1 million kilowatt hours each year.  

There are endless things around us that can amaze us. Also, we can always bring a way out of nature itself to save the nature!

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