Incidents Women Faced At Workplace And How They Overcame Them – Read More

I was Judged on the Basis of my Marital Status for a Job.via

Whenever women try to compete with men at try to be better at the workplace, they are always made aware of the fact that they are Women, and different from men. Women face these kinds of challenges on a daily basis, be it for their physical differences or their work efficiency. Today we look at the incidents faced by Women in workplaces, and how they overcame those.


1. No Respite For Mothers


I took a maternity leave and when I joined back again, I was transferred to another workplace. According to the notice, I was told that it was a regular relocation. But one of our colleagues told me that I was being relocated because I recently had a baby. And they think that I won’t be able to work properly because of that. I rather took it as a challenge and work hard in another office, to prove myself, Says a Public Center Employee.


2. No Mercy For Women

hired female employees

In our Office we were doing a little Poll on, If our female employees should get Period Leave or not. One of our male employees said, “From now on we should be hiring less female Employees to save ourselves from random leaves.” I thought it was rude. I asked him not to discriminate women on the basis of their physical differences. My other employees agreed with me and praised me for my words. Says a bank employee.


3. Forced To Lead Business Meetings


My boss once said to me that girls are more persuasive and can talk clients into dealing with us. He told me to lead all the meetings for that. What actually made me feel bad was the fact that he did not consider my other qualities and skills. I left the job after a while and started my own venture to show that I was much more capable of doing things than what they thought.


4. Being Judged On The Basis Of Marital Status

marital status

After getting Married I was looking for jobs in different places. Whenever they were made aware of the fact that I was recently married. The Employers made assumptions that I might soon go on a maternity leave. I didn’t get the job so, when I went to another job interview I straight away told them not to make assumptions that I’ll start a family soon. I’m looking for a job and I’m focusing on that only. They loved my confidence and appreciated my honesty and I was hired for it.


5. Excluded Out Of Group Discussions

male group Workplace

There were male colleagues working with us. Whenever we had free time they used to make a group and crack sexual jokes about others. That really made me feel out of the group. Once I told them about this, at first they didn’t like it but later on, they stopped making such jokes. Later we made good friends and hanged together.

So you must have concluded that women are way strong than you think. Women are better than men in every field! And they prove it when questioned. Being an entrepreneur is not easy for women. But, if you are one, you should check these schemes which are made especially for women entrepreneurs.