Have A Look At These Weakest Passwords Of 2017 – Is Yours On The List?

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In the most technological life these days. Passwords play an important role in keeping the secrets intact on our phones and laptops. Almost everyone has their phones locked. Not only the data and messages, any personal information is also under the security. Not only our social media accounts are to be secured, the bank accounts are supposed to be kept safer. So passwords with these should be unique and tough to guess.

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These days hackers can easily break into our personal data just by hacking the passwords. If a tough password can be guessed easily by them, you should think about the easy ones you have kept. However, the speed of increasing Internet consumers is rapid. It is more than the speed of learning the “Art and Laws of the Internet”. We are still careless about keeping our passwords as tough possible.

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Even the kids are able to guess the easy passwords. This increases the chances of hacking. Splash Data has now generated a list of some weakest passwords of the year 2017. And you surely need to check them out. Have a look.

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If your password is any from the given list, you should change it now.  So before setting a new password, you should keep in mind these few points given below. These are the tips for your new password.


1. Long


Your password should be long enough to keep you safe. Long passwords are the best ones to be on the safer side. It reduces your chances of getting into trouble.


2. Mix


It should be a mix of some alphabets, numbers and also special characters. So that you don’t become the victim of the hackers. And you stay safe!


3. Tough

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Password has to be really hard to guess. So that no one can sneak into your privacy. So don’t forget to keep it as hard as possible. Think and keep.

Don’t worry if you have any of these. These tips and the list of passwords will surely help you out. So change your’s now and be safe. Beware of the cybercrime. You should know about these ways of cybercriminals who steal your money from debit or credit cards. Find out what are they.