John Cena Does The Undertaker Signature Moves And Teases Him For WrestleMania Match- Check Video

John Cena Chokslammed Kane

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Monday night was a night of excitement for the RAW fans. The night was booked for the main event. A no-disqualification match between John Cena and Kane. Every fan was looking forward to this match and the match lived up to the hype that they were hoping for. The no disqualification match was full of crazy moves. But the one thing that really caught the attention of audience all around the world was John Cena mocking Undertaker by copying is his moves to beat the Deadman’s brother.

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On various occasions during the match with Kane, Cena copied the moves and style of Undertaker in an attempt to provoke him and call him out. John won the match and then started the most interesting event of the evening. After the match was won, Cena took hold of the mic to talk to Undertaker.  John started by being disappointed in Undertaker, asking that where are his signature lightning bolts and bells of horror. He continued to rant about Undertaker.


Cena even made audience chant his name and chant yes to a match between them before WrestleMania. He said that Undertaker just has one week left. Cena stated that Undertaker should come out already and called his silence cowardly. The rant went on for a while and John kept trying to provoke him, show himself and break the silence.


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He said it all comes down to this, the energy of the crowd should be enough to convince him to come out for the match. But if that is not enough then he should come out and face Cena for his brother, for his fans who never tire out from chanting his name.


The act of copying Undertaker’s signature moves on his own brother was an attempt to make him come out and fight with John Cena. But as a matter of fact, the teasing was not enough for Undertaker to break his silence.  Cena asked Undertaker to reply. He declared that he will be fine with either yes or no but the silence is not the way to go.

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Everyone’s eyes are now on the Undertaker. Fans are desperately waiting for him to end his muteness and come out to face John Cena. That would be one hell of a match.


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And would make all the fans from around the world go crazy for the event. Its due time with only one week left. And everyone is waiting for the official match announcement with their fingers crossed. Check out some amazing facts about John Cena only die-hard fan knows.

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