Illustrations That Show How Humans Would Feel When Swapped With Animals – #4 Is Horrifying

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Animals are a part of our environment. Some animals are treated like family members. But, not all are this lucky. Most of them are either butchered and served on plates, or peeled off from their skins so that we can have beautiful and long-lasting accessories. So imagine if humans were swapped with animals and treated the way animals are? These artists have shown this perfectly through their illustrations. Altogether, we want you to feel the pain and sorrow below.


1. Animal Testing

animal testing

Animal testing is one of the cruelest ways to test the medicins and experiments. Imagine if humans were made to test poisonous formulas on them forcefully?


2. Hunting


Hunting is the most common way of getting hold of the animals. But, not alive. So what if humans were killed by the animals by a gun. Just imagine.


3. Fishing


While fishing is like taking the life out of the fish forcefully. Imagine if humans were caught like this and cooked to be eaten! We can only understand this when it would happen to us.


4. Meat


We happily go to the market and buy raw meat to cook for dinner. We never think about how animals are brutally hunted and sold in the market.