These Countries Will Become Independent Countries In Future

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Life is a process of birth and death, both events equally momentous in the world order. Humans have come a long way from barbarism in the early civilization to a cultured existence in the world as we know it. The process of the establishment of the civilization and its transformation into lands divided as countries is an intriguing one.

To witness the creation of a country with its own culture is almost to experience a rather landmark event in human history. Most noteworthy historic moments in the last 2 centuries were the reunification of Germany, the creation of South Sudan, and Kosovo. In addition to this, the following is a list of possible places that might turn into independent countries in the near or distant future.


1. East And West Libya

Possible Countries to Gain Independence

From Gaddafi’s subversion to ISIS’s control, Libya has struggled since long to keep things together. Amidst many governments that came and went, the country is now under the control of two governments. The UN-backed government rules the western territory. A government committed to renegade General Khalifa Haftar is ruling on the east. The two sides have already set up their own central banks and currencies to add to their possible separation. This rivalry signals at a geopolitical breakdown for the African nation.


2. United Korea

Countries to gain independence

Representing a dualism of a utopia and a dystopia, the two Korean countries show a faint possibility of a reunification. The wasteland North Korean territory will have financial benefits with this unification. South Korea, on the other hand, will be relieved of the fear of a nuclear-armed country in its vicinity. This reunion is possible if the North falls. The official policy would require the two countries to unite.


3. The United States of Europe

Countries to gain indpendence

Winston Churchill voiced the appeal for a “United States of Europe” for the first time after the end of WWII. In the recent times, EU’s vice-president has reiterated this call for an 18-nation superstate. The remaining 10 nations will probably remain close allies to this State. The plan is to make a common government, currency, and army from the nations that currently constitute the EU. The plans for this unification are set to be fulfilled by 2030.


4. Catalonia

Countries to gain indpendence

With a history of autonomy in language and currency, Catalonia has a strong claim to its independence from Spain. A referendum in 2014 witnessed 80% Catalans voting to separate from the Spanish State. The region has economic prosperity and would consequently have no worries about growth after its split.


5. London


After Brexit, the UK capital is on its way out of the British government. The city has great economic assets and a healthy human resource will consequently sustain its independent statehood. The argument for an independent London is stronger now with a positive ensuing impact on the rest of the UK. London will, furthermore, no longer share its finances with the UK. Rest of the UK will no longer suffer from London’s dominance.