Picture Of Woman Officer Carrying 5-Days-Old Baby To Her Husband’s Funeral Is Winning Hearts

Salute To Her Courage

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Loss of loved ones is a terrible incident which breaks even the strongest of us. It is really tough to overcome that gap in our life. In this reference, a military officer and their families are very brave as they make sacrifices for the country risking their own lives. They show immense courage and strength.

Recently, a terrible accident happened at Sumoimari Chapori in Assam. In a plane crash on the Majuli Island on February 15, two Indian Air Force officers lost their lives. They were traveling in a microlight helicopter which crashed soon after they took off from the Jorhat airbase.

Now, after this sad incident, a disheartening picture has flooded the social media.

Major Kumud Dogra on her way to pay last tributes to her husband Wing Commander D Vats who lost his life in a…

Posted by Indian Defence on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This picture is from the funeral of Wing Commander Dushyant Vats, one of the pilots who lost his life in the Assam plane crash. This picture is going viral all over the social media.

In this picture, you can see the wife of Vats, Major Kumud Dogra who is an officer herself. Also, she is dressed in full army uniform and carrying their 5-days-old child to pay last tributes to her late husband. People are all praises for her because of her spirit and strength. They are showering love to the 5-days-old child who never got to see her father.


What People Are Saying About The Patriotism Of The Officer:

Indeed, she is a very courageous lady.

Truly, she deserves a million gun salute.

No doubt, lives of Army wives are the toughest.

It is really sad knowing the 5-day-old child will never meet her father. But her mother is truly is an epitome of courage. She has shown great strength at this time. Also, if you want to read the story of another inspirational woman then you must Read about this 85-year-old teacher in Tamil Nadu who donated land worth Rs. 4 crores for a government school.