Woman Delivered Baby Only With The Help Of YouTube Videos!

Woman Delivered Babyvia

This is not something you read it every day. I am still surprised, is this really true. Because women bear unimaginable pain during delivery time. And brain definitely won’t work properly in such situations. So, I just want to say hats off to this superwoman.

Tia Freeman, a computer specialist in the US Air Force, was in for a huge shock when she started going through contractions while travelling from the US to Germany.

The 22-year-old assumed that the pain she was going through was probably from food poisoning due to the meal she had eaten.


However, Freeman soon realized that she was actually going into labor while going through customs.

At that moment she had just landed in Istanbul for a stopover. Not keen to give birth at the airport, she decided to go to her hotel room and started watching YouTube videos to find the best way to deliver a baby.

If you are wondering how she managed to do it all by herself, then continue reading.


1. Freeman Came To Know That She Was Pregnant


2. She Wanted To Move Away From Everyone


3. Purchased Tickets For A Vacay In Germany


4. She Had A Meal


5. But She Thought It Was Poisoned


6. She Started Experiencing Cramps


7. She Managed To Bear The Pain


8. She Realized That It Is Labour Pain But Not A Normal Pain


9. She Wanted To Google It


10. She Tried Her Best To Make It To Her Hotel


11. She Was Clueless As She Was in Country Where No One Speaks English


12. Only YouTube Helped Her To Deliver A Baby


13. She Filled The Tub With Warm Water


14. Very Focused


15. She Followed YouTube Video


16. She Motivated Herself


17. She Felt Extreme Pain Which Every Woman Suffers During That Time


18. Finally, The Baby Was Out


19. She Had No Clue About The Sex Of The Baby


20. Water Births Are Hard


21. She Checked Natal Chart. Really, How?


22. The Placenta Is Still Inside Of Her.


23. She Again Followed YouTube Video


24. She Googled How To Cut An Umbilical Cord.


25. Bathroom Looked Like The Set Of A Horror Movie


26. She Thought Airport Is The Better Place


27. Airport Workers Freaked Out


28. Me Too Shocked!

This is something unbelievable. Isn’t it? Share us in the comments. The story of Andes flight disaster survival is emotional as well as inspirational.

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