Who Is TikTok Prankster Mizzy? Bacari Ogarro Viral Video Of Entering In Strangers Houses

TikTok Prankster Mizzy Bacari Ogarro Viral Videovia

Pranks are usually entertaining until they get out of hand. People have come a long way these days in any sector. Something similar is done by TikTok Prankster Mizzy; continue reading to learn more.


The Prank

Prankster Mizzy

Mizzy, a TikTok prankster, has been detained after his behavior has been out of hand. Mizzy’s despicable antics include snatching a woman’s puppy, damaging library books, and breaking into strangers’ cars. Bacari Ogarro, the prankster’s real name, is an 18-year-old Hackney, north London inhabitant.

Mizzy made headlines after barging into the house of an unknown family with a bunch of young guys for a TikTok prank film. The deleted footage shows the gang coming via a fence and entering. They ignored the terrified mothers and children as they strode along the corridor. The video aroused widespread indignation.


Previous Issues Involving TikTok Prankster Mizzy

Mizzy, a troubled TikTok prankster, had previously been detained for upsetting orthodox Jews in London. He confronts a man at a bus station and attempts to overtake him in a video. In another clip, he rides his bike while donning a Jewish hat and declares he is jew.

Mizzy is known for doing similar pranks. For example, he once approached an ordinary old woman in the park, seized her dog, and fled. This was featured in a video titled ‘How to Get a Dog for Free.’ More videos exist in which he annoys ladies in public areas such as trains and parks.

The annoying TikToker entered a library just to destroy the books. He also drove an e-bike into Sainsbury’s, despite attempts by security officers to stop him. In yet another clip, he enters the rear of a man’s car and claims it’s his Uber. He turns angry when the man begs him to leave.


 TikTok Prankster Has Sparked Public Indignation

TikTok Prankster Mizzy

A retired cop publicly wondered why Mizzy wasn’t in jail yet. Mizzy’s arrest is not surprising, given that there is sufficient evidence to indict him based on his recordings.

While Mizzy’s TikTok account ‘@madmanmizzy’ was deactivated, his YouTube channel, which had roughly 39,000 followers, appeared to remain active. However, it was eventually removed since it violated the platform’s regulations.

The matter had reached the level of UK MPs, who asked the Met police to take measures against him. They feel YouTube and TikTok should face the consequences for enabling such reckless films. Officers are looking into the occurrences and the individuals involved.


What Was Mizzy’s Reaction To The Controversies?

Mizzy responded to the controversy with a YouTube video. He expressed little to no guilt. Mizzy stated that he purposefully sought to shock people in order to increase his fan base. He even claimed to have “manifested” this amount of interest.

Mizzy claims he is unaffected by hostility since he is an “intellectual.” He argues that people engaged with him on social media are giving him what he desires: the limelight.

Mizzy stated prior to his arrest that the TikTok prank videos that were circulating were from the previous year. Additionally, he said that consuming mushrooms transformed him into a person.

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