New Name Proposed For West Bengal – Here’s What You Need To Know



‘Banga’ is the new name proposed for West Bengal!



After renaming many cities and states of India, its turn for ‘West Bengal’ to get a brand new name of ‘Banga’ in Bengali and ‘Bengal’ in English.


Partha Chatterjee, the State Education Minister and Trinamool Congress Leader gave confirmation about the same. He stated that on 26th of August, a Special Assembly session would be held for discussing this change in the state’s name. He said, “The Cabinet has taken a very important decision. We had suggested a change in name of the state. For the sake of the people, culture and tradition, we have decided to change the name in Bengali as ‘Bangla’ or ‘Banga’. We will put forward the suggestion in the Legislative Assembly.”


Let's see what happens next!

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