Surprising Rules For The Guests Attending The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

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5. No Medals And No Swords


I feel this rule must be applied in Indian marriages too. These days, I see people using guns in marriages as part of a ritual. The bullet hits someone accidentally in the marriage. I don’t know why they need a gun anyway.

To attend the royal wedding, you should not carry any sword. The dress code instructions include ‘no medals’ and ‘no swords’. I really feel this is a safety precaution.


6. Don’t Ever Think Of Approaching The Queen


Normal protocol suggests you shouldn’t approach the Queen or ask her any questions. Instead, guests are expected to wait for the Queen to approach or speak to them. Gentleman is supposed to bow, ladies curtsy – guests would need to practice that – but only if the Queen has caught your eye. The Queen should be addressed as ‘Your Majesty’ and then ‘Ma’am,’ if there is a further conversation.


7. Don’t Try To Catch Bride’s Bouquet


Most of the Christian weddings involve the famous bouquet toss, determining who is going to be the next to walk down the aisle. However, royal weddings are a little different. Royal brides have two bouquets – just in case one gets lost. This is being practiced after personal experience from the Queen – they always leave a bouquet at the grave of an Unknown Warrior in London’s Westminster Abbey – a tradition started by the Queen Mother. Meghan is, of course, marrying at Windsor Castle rather than Westminster Abbey, but we’re sure the tradition will still be kept in some way. So it’s a no-no to the bouquet toss.


8. You Are NOT Allowed To Sit Wherever You Want During The Royal Wedding Ceremony


In terms of seating plans, most of the weddings are pretty relaxed. This is not the case for the royal wedding. Harry’s family will sit on the right, and Meghan’s on the left, with a strict seating plan for all friends. It’s no wonder people will start entering the church hours before – seating all 600 guests will be a nightmare.


9. Wearing White Color Dress Is Not Allowed And Women MUST Wear Hats


Headgear is a must for a royal wedding. People aren’t supposed to wear white and ladies will have to wear hats. The style of hat is important, too.

In India, we follow only one protocol, “Athidi Devo Bhava” which means guests are treated as God. Indians never ask their guests to pay their own food bill when they invite them for lunch.

Be it a wedding ceremony or any other function, guests are given great importance in India. We never impart rules on them. We don’t know who is living a life by completely devoting himself/herself to God. When such person comes to our home, we will be blessed by God forever and it is naked truth. Such person happiness or sadness will have the tremendous effect on anyone. I am really proud of my Indian culture.

Let’s wish the couple wholeheartedly.

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