Surprising Rules For The Guests Attending The Royal Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

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Marriage is a great responsibility that binds two souls together. I love my Indian wedding culture so much that it has deep meaning for every ritual performed in marriage. However, these days most of the people are looking for wealth rather than character while looking for marriage proposals.

For time being, let’s put a break to this present Indian wedding drama and check out royal wedding.

People who are very much interested in worldly matters definitely know Prince Harry. You might have already heard the news of Royal wedding. The groom, Prince Harry who is a member of the British royal family; the bride, Meghan Markle, an American actress are getting married.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is days away with the couple set to tie the knot on Saturday at St George’s Chapel, at Windsor Castle.

600 guests have been invited to the ceremony and afternoon reception. However, only 200 will go on to an evening reception at Frogmore House hosted by Harry’s father Prince Charles, and boasting festival food truck grub, an excellent music line-up, and some very famous faces.

These are the royal wedding rules that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s guests have to follow.


1. You Are NOT Allowed To Bring Camera And Phone


If it is in India, most of the people take pics of bride and groom and update in social media. And they see the fun in it. However, it’s not allowed if you want to attend the royal wedding. Social media has been banned from the wedding. Guests will be asked to surrender their phones and cameras before making their way to the reception to protect the couple and their guests’ privacy. I really appreciate this particular rule by royal family members.

If the same rule is applied in Indian marriages, I am sure people will search for other alternatives to camera and phone because here people are creative.


2. You MUST Wear The Dress Uniform


Surprised! Aren’t you? Obviously, we don’t see this type of acts in Indian marriages. In fact, people do a lot of shopping to get ready to attend marriages as if it’s their marriage.

The royal wedding in other countries is different. Guests were sent a dress code in their invitations, instructed to wear a dress uniform, consisting of a morning coat or lounge suit for men, and a day dress with a hat for women. While hats aren’t a strict rule, they are recommended, with Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice generally opting for fascinators instead.

Isn’t this funny? We are vexed to wear uniforms in schools and colleges. I am sure, if this rule is applied in Indian marriages, more than half of the people will not attend the marriage.


3. You Are NOT Allowed To Carry Bulky Bags


Guests have reportedly been asked not to bring bulky bags, with attendees going through security and ID checks three miles away from the wedding venue, before traveling to Windsor Castle on buses.


4. You Are NOT Allowed To Present Gifts To Couple


Yes. If you want to give something to the couple, you can instead choose seven charities for their attendees to donate to. Gifts cannot be brought to St George’s Chapel or the reception at Windsor Castle.

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