Ice Trays Are Not Capable Of Covering Party’s Ice Demands? Portable Ice Maker Is The Solution

Ice Maker

Imagine this: you have finally bought the house of your dreams, decorated it to your liking, and you are ready to have your friends over for the greatest housewarming party ever. The buffet is set up, the food is cooked, and the bottles are neatly arranged by size and type in a convenient location. But there is one, small problem: the ice trays (or the ice bags that you have purchased from the supermarket) are not capable of covering the party’s ice demands. You start thinking about the best solution, but nothing comes to mind.

Ice Maker

This is one of the many scenarios where a portable ice maker will come extremely handy. While some people might consider these devices as being unnecessary luxuries, they are very convenient, even if you are not the type of person that hosts large groups of people on a regular basis. If you are in the market for such a device, but you are not sure what to choose, this article will hopefully help you make the right decision. If you want to find out more specific details about how portable ice makers work, make sure to check Ice maker pro here, a specialized website dedicated to everything concerning this subject. Apart from guides related to portable ice makers and commercial ice machines, the writers post frequent and comprehensive product reviews, as well as installation and repair tutorials.


What Are Portable Ice Makers?

Ice Maker

Simply put, portable ice makers are small to medium-sized devices that accomplish a basic, yet very useful task: they generate ice for household usage. Because they do not need a direct connection to the plumbing system, all you have to do is pour water, type in a few settings and let it do its magic. Your only concern will be pouring clean water to prevent any mineral deposits from developing inside the portable ice maker.

All portable ice makers are designed to offer rapid results, so you will have to wait only for a few minutes until you will have enough ice for the drinks. Although largely similar to your run of the mill ice machines, there is a clear distinction between them that is vital to understand. Even though they are designed to generate ice in a timely fashion, portable ice makers are not capable of storing ice long-term. Once the leftover ice starts melting and the water trickles back into its reservoir, the machine will restart it production cycle until there is no more water left.


Storage Capacity And Size

Ice Maker

Ice makers are designed with portability and mobility in mind. They are constructed in such a way that they can easily fit on your countertop without taking too much out of your precious space, and can also be carried on camping, boating, RV and tailgating trips. But even though most models are small, they come in different configurations to accommodate as many kitchen or room setups as possible. You can easily verify if the portable ice maker is right for you by checking the unit’s official guidebook.

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As for its storage capacity, you should pick a model that can hold as much ice as you would need, without being too big to the point that it wastes energy, and not to mention space. Most ice maker models can carry up to 10 kilograms of ice, which is more than enough to cover the needs of a medium-sized party.



Ice Maker

Unlike commercial ice machines, which can run you into the thousands of dollars, portable ice makers are relatively cheap compared to other utilities. The cheapest unit can cost as little as $100, while the more advanced models with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, highly customizable timers and other features) can cost about $250. Apart from the aforementioned features, the price difference consists of models with higher storage and production capacity and longer lifespans. A good number of cheap machines start showing problems after within the first year – that is if they are used intensively.


Easy To Use

Ice Maker

Most portable ice makers are easy enough to use, but the more intuitive and flawless the control scheme is, the better. Sure, some models are easier to use than others, and no model is devoid of the occasional design flaw, but generally speaking, you will learn how to handle any unit after spending just ten minutes alone with the instructions manual.

The majority of brands will have a set of universal features, such as a display that shows the quantity of ice stored or how much water you have to pour to reach full capacity. Some brands took the concept of ease of use and intuitiveness even further by including device connectivity.

By installing an app on your smartphone, you can set the timer, type and quantity of ice. And the greatest thing about this is that the price difference between them and standard models that lack this feature is not that significant, so by adding a few extra bucks, you gain the ability to control the ice maker from across the apartment.



The fact that some people prefer trays or buying bags of ice from the nearest convenience store does not take away from the ice maker’s usefulness and practicality. By investing a reasonable amount of your hard-earned money, you can have a dedicated machine at your disposal that is capable of covering both your friend’s and family’s ice demands in a timely fashion.

If you are in the market for an ice maker but are unsure what exactly to look for, take into consideration factors such as size, production capacity, features, and cost.

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