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Best Moment Of IPL So Far – Check Video Which Displays True Sportsmanship

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It’s a rather commonplace football ritual for a jersey exchange but seeing the same in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 is surely a landmark moment! KL Rahul of Kings XI Punjab and Hardik Pandya of Mumbai Indians, both team superstars, have been seen exchanging their jerseys in a football like fashion. This was during the conclusion of the game in the Wankhede stadium. The FIFA World Cup in Russia is less than a month away and this sight sets up a hype stage.


Mumbai Indians claimed victory in the last over, putting the 94-run knock out of KXIP to water. When asked about the jersey exchange, he said the world has seen a lot of the ritual in football and he, with Hardik, are bringing the same ritual to the sport of cricket.


Watch The Jersey Exchange Moment Here



It is evident that Rahul and Hardik share a close with each other are thick friends. Several sources have seen them hanging out together during their assignments. Although the IPL has separated them, the jersey swap brought forth a beautiful moment in their bond. And as expected, twitter went wild with tweets about the incident.


One of them say: “If SPORTSMANSHIP was to be described through a picture. Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, you beauty. #MIvKXIP”


Others state: “Cricket is Evolving a Big way”, “Pic of the day” and so forth. Fans and enthusiasts alike are spellbound at the moment shared between the players, even though the friends were on opposite ends playing against each other!




Mumbai Indians’ win is more than likely going to give them a place in the IPL playoffs however, the sad state of things is that a win can’t really bring KXIP any more progress. What do you think about this incident? It really is rejoicing to see sportsmen being more than just competitors and serving the true purpose of sports.

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