Watch Video: Fearless Gujarat Farmer Protect His Cow From Lion Single-Handedly

Gujarat Farmer Chases Away Lion To Save His Cow

Animals are, in reality, the finest pals people can ever have. The relationship that exists between individuals and their animal is indescribable. Sidelining the advantages of having an animal, a person still loves it since it becomes a family member. A video of a Gujarati man chasing off a lion to save his cow has gone popular online, demonstrating a similar affection. Continue reading to know more about the incident. Happy Reading!


A Gujarat Farmer Drives Lion Away From His Cow

Lion Attack Cow Gujarat

A bizarrely popular video that originates from Gujarat has gone viral. The footage from a moving vehicle shows an absurd interaction involving a guy, a lion, and a cow. The two creatures are engaged in a struggle, with the lion trying to hold onto the helpless cow and the cow attempting to escape the lion’s grasp despite her efforts. A middle-aged man, possibly the owner of the cow, can be seen approaching the conflict while the two animals are vigorously fighting.

The guy searches the roadsides, perhaps seeking a stick or stone. He moves towards the lion, holding what appears to be a stone to scare it away physically.

Even though the Gujarati man’s action appeared foolish, it turned out to be effective. He was able to drive off the lion. Have a look at the trending video:


Increase In The Attacks By Lion

Design Of Safari Vehicles

It is accurate to say that lion assaults on people are rising quickly. In May, a 5-year-old child, Vishal Parmar, was attacked by a lioness in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar district. The young child was being taken away by the lioness when he fell asleep outside the family’s hut with his parents. Eventually, some 1.5 km from the little boy’s home, the remains of the child were discovered.

While the lion deaths in Gir are alarming, it is also accurate that such events make it much more crucial to remain safe and miles away from such animals. The lioness was luckily arrested by the Forest officials of the Shetrunji wildlife division after this heartbreaking tragedy that occurred in May.

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