Watch: Kashmir Bat Makers Look To Sue Shark Tank India And Tramboo Sports For False Claims

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The Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) accuses Shark Tank India of allegedly disseminating falsehoods regarding Kashmir cricket bat manufacturing. The association alleges that the episode aired on January 30, 2024, featured misrepresentations by participants Mr. Hamad Tramboo and Mr. Saad Tramboo.

Specifically, CBMAK contests the claim made by Tramboo Kashmir Willow cricket bats of being pioneers in the Kashmir bat manufacturing domain. This assertion is fiercely contested by CBMAK, which represents an amalgam body of all Cricket Bat Manufacturers in the Valley.

The association asserts that the bats manufactured by its members are widely recognized for their quality and have gained local and international popularity.


CBMAK Challenges Claims Made By Tramboo Brothers On Shark Tank

Tramboo Sports Shark Tank Legal Issue

Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) spokesperson Fowzul Kabir highlights several discrepancies in the statements made by the Tramboo brothers on the show. Kabir asserts that the Tramboo brothers misrepresented themselves as manufacturers rather than stockists and dealers of Kashmir willow bats.

Furthermore, CBMAK disputes the claim of being the first to take Kashmir Willow to the international cricket arena. According to Kabir, such claims undermine craftsmen’s hard work and patience in the Kashmir valley.

Additionally, the contestants’ portrayal of the bat-making process and international recognition of Kashmir Willow bats is deemed inaccurate by CBMAK.


Concerns Raised Over Industry Integrity And Livelihoods

CBMAK spokesperson Fowzul Kabir expresses deep concerns over the potential impact of the misrepresentations on the bat manufacturing industry.

Kabir emphasizes that the misinformation has misled the general public and purchasers of members’ products. This, in turn, severely threatens the livelihoods of over 15,000 individuals directly involved in the industry.

Additionally, Kabir underscores the indirect impact on over a lakh workers and craftsmen associated with the sector. The association fears that the false claims made on a national platform could tarnish the reputation of Kashmir cricket bat manufacturers.


CBMAK Demands Action On Shark Tank

CBMAK demands accountability from ‘SONY Entertainment Television’ for airing misleading content. The association asserts that the onus of verifying facts before telecasting lies with the television network.

Additionally, CBMAK calls for a public apology from ‘SONY Entertainment Television’ and compensation for the damages caused. The association stresses that legal proceedings are already underway. They vows to pursue the matter until a logical conclusion is reached.


CBMAK Stands Firm As The Legal Battle Unfolds

CBMAK remains resolute in its pursuit of justice against Shark Tank India and ‘Sony Entertainment Television.’ The association is determined to uphold the integrity of the Kashmir cricket bat manufacturing industry.

CBMAK’s actions have drawn significant public attention, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in reality television programming.

The outcome of the legal proceedings will not only impact the parties involved but also set a precedent for future disputes in the industry. As the case progresses, stakeholders await a resolution that upholds fairness and protects the interests of all parties involved.

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