Kashmir Willow Bats Demand Is High From International Cricketers Ahead Of ICC World Cup 2023

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Fawzul Kabiir, MD of GR8 Sports India Pvt Ltd, who received International Cricket Council (ICC) clearance for “Made in Kashmir” bats, said, “In Kashmir, we have been making cricket bats for the past 102 years, but we didn’t have the knowledge of craftsmanship… and about the different attributes of a cricket bat.” This ICC Cricket World Cup, which starts in India on October 5, is going to change that because bats made in Kashmir will make their debut there, and what a debut it will be! Continue reading to know more.


Exports Soared Following The ICC Permissions

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Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are among the international teams that have ordered these bats. “Kashmiri willow bats are used in this World Cup for the third straight time—you could call it a hat trick of World Cups.” The largest six of the tournament was hit with the Kashmiri willow bat during the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2022 after it was first used at the T20 World Cup in the UAE in 2021.

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The International Cricket Council (ICC) just approved the use of “Made in Kashmir” bats, and 17 international players will be using them at the ODI World Cup in India, according to Kabiir.

For the cricketer who places an order, the company provides them with at least 15 to 20 bats for the entire season. This means that 340–500 pieces are supplied each season to these international cricketers.


Kashmir Economy And The Bat-Making Industries

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GR8 Sports India Pvt Ltd employs 1.5 lakh people who rely on the production of bats for their livelihood. Additionally, the Kashmiri bat manufacturing business generates almost 300 crores in revenue annually. According to Kabiir, made in Kashmir, bats currently satisfy 80% of global cricket bat demand.


Kashmir Bats vs. The English Bats

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The wood used to make cricket bats is willow. Willow wood was chosen because of its relatively low weight. Once it has been treated, it also has less of a tendency to splinter or be harmed by a ball that strikes it. Most international cricketers choose willow wood that is sourced from the UK.

This willow was first cultivated in India under British control. It is now commonly referred to as Kashmiri willow and is well-known for being considerably less expensive. While Kashmir has historically produced cricket bats, according to Kabeer, the ICC rules were not known.

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“There was no understanding of brand awareness, power, and the characteristics of a cricket bat due to scholastic backwardness. To create a cricket bat made of Kashmir willow, it needed 11 years of market study on the global level. Therefore, there was no distinction between Kashmiri and British wood; instead, it was our lack of workmanship.

Finally, Fawzul Kabiir claims to have developed a professional cricket bat that can be used in international cricket from cricket bats made of Kashmiri willow, a Made in India bat.

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