Lok Sabha Passes Bill To Combat Paper Leaks And Cheating; Know More About Anti Cheating Bill

Lok Sabha Anti Cheating Bill

Lok Sabha has passed the ‘anti-cheating’ bill. It is pivotal for educational integrity in India. It reflects the government’s strong resolve to combat fraudulent practices, especially exam cheating and paper leaks. The bill employs a nuanced approach to uphold the sanctity of examinations. It imposes severe penalties on offenders while implementing robust detection and prevention measures. This article explores the bill’s key features and impact on fostering fairness and transparency in nationwide assessments.


What Is An Anti-Cheating Bill?

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Lok Sabha passed an ‘anti-cheating’ bill to counter exam fraud, reflecting its commitment to fair assessments. Additionally, this legislative measure aims to safeguard the integrity of examinations, ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates. Moreover, the bill represents a proactive step towards maintaining the credibility of the education system, addressing concerns about rampant malpractice.


Punishments Decreed By Lok Sabha For Offenses

Offenders involved in paper leaks face up to 10 years in jail, indicating the severity of the consequences. Moreover, they may be liable to pay a hefty fine of ₹1 crore, serving as a deterrent against unethical practices. Furthermore, this strict penalty aims to deter individuals from engaging in malpractice, thereby upholding the sanctity of examinations.


Non-Bailable And Cognisable

All offenses mentioned are non-bailable, cognizable, and non-compoundable, ensuring swift and decisive action against perpetrators. This implies that suspects can be arrested without a warrant, facilitating prompt intervention by law enforcement agencies. Additionally, accused individuals are not entitled to bail under this bill, underscoring the seriousness of the offenses and the need for stringent measures.


Lok Sabha’s Focus On Specific Offences Covered

Lok Sabha Cheating Bill

The bill explicitly addresses various fraudulent practices, including paper leakage, which undermines the credibility of exams. It also includes tampering with answer sheets, conducting fake exams, and eradicating avenues for unfair advantage. Moreover, creating fake websites for cheating is deemed an offense, reflecting the legislation’s comprehensive approach.

The bill extends to major recruitment exams conducted by various agencies, ensuring uniformity in addressing malpractice. Furthermore, it mandates investigations by senior officers, ensuring credibility and impartiality in the examination process. This empowers authorities to maintain the sanctity of the examination process, fostering a culture of integrity and transparency.

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