Watch: Anand Mahindra Drives ‘Bujji’, The Electric Car Weighs 6000 Kg From Kalki 2898AD

Anand Mahindra Drives Bujji Kalki 2898AD

Bollywood has a different passion for cars. Rohit Shetty directed movies, action movies, and other genres have always found ways to show cars. Well, one such upcoming movie named Kalki 2898 AD has a massive 6000 Kg electric car named ‘Bujji’ employed in the film. The trailer of the Nag Ashwin-directed film shows scenes of Bujji performing stunts. Recently, Chairman Anand Mahindra drove a gigantic car. Continue reading to know more about this.


Anand Mahindra Drives Bujji

Anand Mahindra

Bujji was created by Mahindra’s team in partnership with Jayem Automotives in Coimbatore. When filmmaker Nag Ashwin asked Mahindra for help, the road to this amazing invention started. Mahindra thereafter gathered his forces, leading to the creation of this remarkable car.

Anand Mahindra revealed that the massive vehicle is propelled by two Mahindra electric motors that power the back wheel. Bujji has three enormous wheels.

The Chairman of Mahindra took a ride of his creation and went viral on different social media accounts.


About Bujji

Bujji was created by Mahindra’s team in partnership with Jayem Automotives. It has a remarkable similarity to the Batmobile thanks to its large wheels and clear cockpit canopy. In the forthcoming movie, Kalki 2898 AD, which is set for release on June 27, Keerty Suresh voices Bujji, who is vital to Prabhas’s character as Bhairava’s dependable closest buddy. The enormous, futuristic car has enormous wheels that resemble the Batmobile from the Batman film series, giving it a highly unique appearance. The cockpit features a translucent canopy that appears to have been inspired by fighter aircraft design.

With the help of the electric motors, the 47 kWh battery pack in the electric propulsion system produces an astounding 9,800 Nm of maximum torque and 126 bhp of peak power. The vehicle’s dimensions are 2,186 mm in height, 3,380 mm in width, and 6,075 mm in length. The car has battery swapping technology and a top speed of 45 kmph, according to Jayem Automotives.

What do you think about the super cool gigantic car? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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