No More Deaths In Car, Shocked ? Volvo Promises Death-Proof Cars By 2020

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Volvo is trying to take technology ahead. It is indeed one of the astonishing remarkable steps that are going to happen. Volvo is coming up with a concept where no more death will going to happen in car accident. Yes, they are bringing death proof cars by 2020. Volvo says, No one will be killed or injured in our cars. 


CEO of Volvo cars North America further added, if someone really wants to get hurt, then we can’t do anything or else you will have safe journey in our cars.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says, According to our data; totally there are nine models including Volvo XC90 in which no deaths in these cars were recorded between 2009 to 2012 in United States. To monitor safety, automakers are tracking how many people die in its vehicles and so engineers can say about the safety each time they roll out a new crash prevention technology.


How can it be crash proof?

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Based on the exisitng car technology; Collision Avoidance, Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Lane Keeping Assist, Pedestrian Detection and Large Animal Detection combinedly give us fully fledged autonomous driving cars. Let’see what new technology they are going to bring in to keep up their promise!!

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See the video sample released by Volvo to know what technology they are going to use to bulid death proof cars.


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