Viral Video: Who Is Dancing Girl In Delhi Metro On Katil Hasina Punjabi Song? Check Out Her Instagram

Delhi Metro Girl Dance

Dance reel recording has grown in popularity in recent years, and as a result, many of these recordings have been broadcast on social media. However, these films frequently annoy other travelers, which results in warnings and penalties from the authorities. The DMRC recently released a public service announcement cautioning users against recording dance videos, reels, or engaging in other disruptive behavior within the metro.


Delhi Metro Viral Video of Girl Dancing on Punjabi Song

Girl Dancing In Delhi Metro

Certain passengers continue to engage in videography despite numerous warnings from Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) about its prohibition on filming inside train coaches. A video of a girl dancing on the Delhi Metro recently went viral, eliciting conflicting responses from onlookers.

The woman in the video was seen vivaciously dancing at a Delhi metro station, wearing a red shirt and a grey folded skirt. She can be seen dancing to Kaka’s Punjabi song “Shape.” The video is posted on her official Instagram account, and the woman in the footage has been identified as itz_officialroy. She has over 46 thousand followers on Instagram. According to her, she knows it is not allowed inside Delhi Metro, but she did it for the first time.


How Did People React To It?

The girl can be seen dancing in the video, which was uploaded to Instagram by @itz__officialroy, to Kaka’s well-known Punjabi song Shape.

With over 2 million views, the video has gained a lot of attention. While some other travelers applauded the girl, many others criticized her for upsetting commuters and breaking the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) ban on such behavior.

Many people who watched the popular video communicated their disgust and recommended that the DMRC fine those who broke the rules. Several online users also warned the girl of the DMRC’s ban on dancing and videotaping. “Didi ban ho chuka hai metro mein ye sab,” a user said. Another user said, “U know ye sb ab allowed nhi he metro me…phr bhi ye sb Jaan kr krna he.. attention seeker.” A third said, “This needs to end.”

From her Instagram account, it seems like she is a dancer. She posts many dance videos on her Instagram. Here is another video of a dancing girl.

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