Vikram Mastaal Gets Fraudster Call; He Recorded To Make People Aware Of The Online Fraud

Vikram Mastaal

The digital world has played a crucial role in transitioning our hard life into easy ones. However, every coin has two sides. There are side effects of everything. Though it is not a technology to be blamed, it is the people who misuse the technology. The world is not full of good people. There are some scammers and fraudsters too. Online frauds and scams are increasing rapidly. Recently, Bollywood actor Vikram Mastaal’s boy got a message from an unknown number. The statement reads that they are from Kaun Banega Crorepati, and he won the lottery of 25 lakh rupees. He needs to message on WhatsApp to claim the prize.

Online Fraud

When the boy told Vikram Mastaal about it, he immediately understood that it was a scam. So he tried to find out more information about it. Vikram talked to the person on the number pretending as an illiterate and a small-town man. The guy from the other end told him that to claim the prize, first, he needed to pay the tax of INR 18000. He gave the details of a person’s account number of SBI bank to transfer the tax amount. Below are the details.

SBI BANK, Name: PAWAN KUMAR, Account Number: 40374666986, IFSC CODE: SBIN0003137, BRANCH: DEHRADUN

But the person at the other end is not aware that the person he is trying to fool is more intelligent than him. So Vikram Mastaal started Instagram Live and recorded the entire call. To everyone surprise, the person even shared the registration certificate (of course forgery) of the Income Tax department.

Online Fraud Fake Certificate

In a village boy accent, Vikram told him that he is not having that much amount of INR 18000. The person shared the video with him, showing that he is counting the prize money for him to lure him into the trap. Even the guy shared the cheque of INR 25 lakhs to prove his honesty. He even agreed that if he paid 15000, they would deduct INR 3000 from his prize money and send him. Vikram intelligently gathered all the details of him and made it Live on Instagram. The scammer was not even aware that it was him who was trapped now. Vikram also exposed their number and screenshots.

Fraud Cheque

If this can happen to a Bollywood actor, it can happen with anyone. Vikram Mastaal told Entertales,

“One side I feel bad that our people are so innocent that get trapped in these scammers fraud and on the other side I feel the rage that scammers don’t even feel that people might be struggling to make money for their family. But why do our innocent people get trapped? The reason is they sometimes become greedy, such people lure you with offers that sound too good to be true.”

He added,

“I have shared the details and the number. I want people to beware and do not fall on this trap. The problem is, it is not a work of a single person. There might be a big gang involved in the fraud. I received the WhatsApp message, number starting from +92. The message reads to click on the link that has Indian number. Then the account number is from someone called Pawan Kumar in Dehradun. The call I received is from Indian number. The person was so desperate that he was contacting me again and again. I think they might be having many more numbers and their work is to do scam with people. I am sad that innocent people pay the price for it.”

Fraudster Number

Vikram Mastaal added,

“Are we real culprit or them? Even if we are in two mindsets to go or not go, but still because of our greediness we go for it and pay the price. Don’t get trapped on such calls. I want to say only one thing to everyone, Nothing Is Free In Life, You Always Need To Pay The Price In Some Way Or The Other.”

Only a few people are known as reel and real-life heroes. Vikram Mastaal is doing brilliant work. He knows his responsibility as a citizen. Vikram wants people not to fall on such cheap tactics. Do not share your OTP and passwords with anyone. Share these details with everyone so that innocent people do not pay the price of it.

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