Kids From UP Village Move Towards Border To Fight China; Watch Video

UP Kids Border Fight Chinavia

Recently India-China face-off happened at Line Of Actual Control, Galwan Valley, Ladakh. Our Twenty Indian soldiers martyred. The entire nation is in rage and wants revenge against China. There is a protest to boycott Chinese products in different parts of the country. Every true citizen is filled with anger and wants India to take strict action against China in the Ladakh border. People have started uninstalling Chinese apps. Many tenders of Chineses companies are canceled. But recently, one of the innocent examples of patriotism is seen in the village of Uttar Pradesh.

Indian Army Border

Ten children from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, age between seven to ten, want to avenge the death of our soldiers and jawans. Aligarh Police caught ten kids on the highway who were allegedly heading towards the border to take revenge from China. Well, it is hard to believe, but it is true. When police stopped the kids and interrogated them, the kids said, “China se badla lene jaa rahe hai, usne hamare jawano ko maar diya hai.” They want to fight with Chinese troops, to take revenge from them for killing our soldiers.

UP Kids Border Fight China

The police were shocked to listen to this. They were stunned to see the spirit of patriotism from the young kids. The cops applauded their love for their motherland. Check out the video below.

After counseling the kids, they were told to return to their respective homes. The cops also told them that they are there to fight, and you do not need to fight until you all grown up do not need to fight the enemy until they have grown up. You all should stay at your homes and focus on studies. It is the beauty of India. The emotions in these small kids are the answer to the world that how much respect we have for our Indian Army. These kids have done their part, what about you? Uninstall those Chinese apps that are insecure for you. Jai Hind. Salute to our brave soldiers.

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Praneet Samaiya
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