Video Captured On CCTV: Two People Shot Died In Delhi Salon

Two People Shot Died In Delhi Salon CCTV Footage

In the bustling Indira Park area of Najafgarh, Delhi, a seemingly routine and tranquil evening haircut turned tragically chaotic. The chilling incident at a local hair salon claimed the lives of Ashish and Sonu, victims of a brazen murder, captured vividly on the salon’s CCTV cameras. The serene atmosphere shattered in an unexpected act of violence.


Terror Unleashed In Delhi

As the victims, Ashish and Sonu, sought a regular haircut on a Friday evening, a shocking turn of events unfolded. The CCTV footage exposes the assailants, armed and ruthless. They entered the salon with a motive that transcended a routine dispute. A mundane outing took a horrifying turn in mere moments.


CCTV Chronicles

The graphic CCTV footage, now viral on social media, paints a harrowing picture. One attacker, wielding a handgun, coldly fires multiple shots at a pleading victim. In the backdrop, salon staff, shocked and terrified, bear witness to the dreadful scene. This emphasizes the sheer brutality of the act. The haunting images captured reflect the brutality that unfolded within the salon’s confines.


Unraveling The Enigma

The police swiftly identified the culprits as Sanjeev Dahiya alias Sanju, a practicing lawyer, and Harsh alias Chintu, recently released from prison. The motive behind the bloodshed appears rooted in personal enmity. Possibly, it was ignited by a contentious social media post. Investigations delve into the complexities of personal conflicts in the age of social media.


In Pursuit Of Justice

With at least half a dozen teams formed, the local police and crime branch urgently aim to apprehend the accused. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka), Ankit Singh, assures a thorough investigation. He emphasizes that clarity will emerge once the accused are in custody. The urgency in the investigation reflects the community’s demand for swift justice.

In the heart of Najafgarh, a serene salon transformed into a crime scene as the lives of Ashish and Sonu were brutally cut short. The viral CCTV footage serves as evidence and unveils the stark reality of personal enmity escalated to the point of no return. As the authorities intensify their efforts to bring the culprits to justice, the community mourns the loss and demands answers in the wake of this tragic and senseless act. The incident serves as a harsh reminder of the fragility of safety even in seemingly commonplace settings.

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