PVR INOX Launched India’s First Standalone IMAX In Mumbai’s Iconic 90-year-old Heritage EROS Cinema

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PVR INOX takes the lead in reshaping Mumbai’s cinema scene with a standalone IMAX with Laser theatre at INOX EROS. This technological marvel marks a transformative shift for the iconic 86-year-old EROS cinema in Churchgate, positioning it as the epitome of modern cinematic excellence.


PVR INOX With Laser Experience: A Cinematic Transformation

Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

In collaboration with IMAX, PVR INOX has introduced IMAX with laser technology at INOX EROS. This revamped cinema, now seating 305, promises an unparalleled viewing experience. The 4K laser projection system and multi-channel sound immerse audiences in cinematic narratives with clarity, enhanced resolution, and vibrant colors, setting a new standard for Mumbai’s cinema-goers.


PVR INOX Commitment

Demonstrating commitment, PVR INOX introduces the fifth IMAX screen in Mumbai and the twenty-third nationally. This highlights a dedicated effort to enhance Maharashtra’s cinematic landscape. With 253 screens across 53 properties, the brand ensures a pinnacle cinematic experience. This vast network signifies a commitment to diverse and premium movie offerings. It remains a leading force shaping Maharashtra’s cinematic culture.


Blending Heritage And Innovation

Inox Eros Churchgate

PVR INOX seamlessly blends the art deco design of EROS with the grandeur of IMAX technology. The lobby, resembling a Broadway-inspired ambiance, now features a live cooking food counter, adding a touch of culinary delight to the cinematic experience. Heritage elements are artfully integrated, creating a timeless masterpiece that captivates history enthusiasts and cinephiles alike.


A Modern Avatar With PVR INOX

Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

EROS, Mumbai’s premier flagship destination for over 80 years, undergoes redevelopment under PVR INOX’s vision. This restoration includes the cinema’s facade, honors its heritage, and integrates modern retail needs. The IMAX Cinema at EROS symbolizes the fusion of cinematic excellence and architectural brilliance in the heart of South Mumbai, reinforcing its status as a cultural landmark.


Leadership’s Vision

Ajay Bijli, Managing Director of PVR INOX Limited, emphasizes the brand’s pride in contributing to the revival of EROS cinema. Executive Director Sanjeev Kumar Bijli invites Mumbaikars to rediscover the magic of cinema at INOX EROS. Seamlessly blending history with cutting-edge technology, PVR INOX’s legacy continues to shape the future of Mumbai’s cinematic landscape, promising unforgettable experiences for generations to come.

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