Vande Bharat Passenger Found Dead Cockroach In Meal; Railway Responds

Vande Bharat Passenger Found Dead Cockroach

Some experiences haunt us forever. Recently, an incident happened with a passenger on the Vande Bharat Express train. He found a dead cockroach in his meal. An irate complaint was submitted by X user Vidit Varshney, who claimed that after his uncle and aunt were served lunch aboard the Vande Bharat Express, they discovered a “cockroach.”

Concerns concerning the standard of food supplied on Indian trains have been raised by the passenger’s post, which has attracted a lot of attention. There have been instances of this kind of thing happening before.


IRCTC Apologizes

Further, IRCTC apologized for the upsetting experience and said that the accountable service provider has been hit with a hefty fine in response to the widely shared post.


Similar Incidents

Vande Bharat Express Saffron Colour

On the Vande Bharat train, this did not represent the first instance of its nature. In February, while traveling from Kamlapati to Jabalpur Junction, a passenger by the name of Dr. Shubhendu Keshari also discovered a dead cockroach in the food. Dr. Keshari described his experience in words that accompanied the pictures. He said, “I was traumatized by seeing a dead cockroach in the food packet given by them.”

In addition, the Bhopal-Delhi Vande Bharat Express passenger found a cockroach in their dinner last July and the vendor was fined Rs 25,000 by the railways.

Previously, a traveler from Dehradun to Agra on the Vande Bharat was given “fungus”-infested curd with his food.


People’s Reaction

Individuals displayed a range of responses. Some laughed at the government, while others were incensed. Some had similar experiences. Moreover, people made sarcastic comments targeting the government.

What do you think about this incident? Do you take your food with you while traveling or depend on the train’s food? Let us know in the comments below.

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