Urine can replace your petrol and fuel!



Another day of shelling your hard earned cash on petrol for driving in the city? What if we say we have another way to reduce that cost? Yes, an alternate renewable source of energy – your urine!



Have you ever wondered how much do we urinate a day? 10.5 Billion litres per day and there is a lab that says shortly we can replace the petrol and diesel that runs the car with our human urine. Read more to know.



When we all shrink our noses when we talk about urination, a group of scientists from the University of Korea has come out with a plan to use carbon atoms recovered from human urine to produce cheap electricity. They claim they can replace the  platinum that is added in our fuel cells with carbon naturally found in human waste, that making it relatively much cheaper.

According to Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo who is a lecturer in the University of Bath’s Department of Chemical Engineering by harnessing the potential power of the human waste, the generation of electricity could be revolutionised, as the solution would be secure, affordable, and environmentally sensitive energy, popularly called as the ‘energy trilemma’.

So the real question now is would you drive a car if it runs on urine?

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