Do You Feel Money Can’t Buy Happiness? Then This Upgrade 4x Philosophy Is For You

4x Philosophy TED talk4x Philosophy TED talk



Majority of the people feel, money can’t buy happiness. Most of the people say happiness lies in spending time with family, doing meditation, being grateful etc… and they forget that money too brings happiness.

Won’t you feel happy when you buy your dream car? Won't you feel happy when you buy dream home ?

Mr.Vivek Bhargava CEO iProspect has raised similar questions and discussed his secret behind being wealthy and happy at the same time in his TED talk which is a place for inspirational talks that motivates millions of people across the globe.

Mr. Vivek who followed “4x philosophy” in his life has got something interesting to share.


“They say, meditate and be grateful, but money seems to be missing from the entire conversation” – he said

The way you look at money changes after you listen to this talk.

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