These Unique Inventions Will Definitely Make Your Life Much Easier

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9. Multi-Use Backpack

Multi-Use Backpack

Brando’s innovative backpack includes a foldable chair but weighs only 3.5 pounds. This benefits camping lovers and musical attendees.


10. Whiskey Shoes

Whiskey Shoes

Though not designed to encourage consumption of alcohol, Oliver Sweeney’s shoes are designed to conceal a miniature whiskey bottle in its soles. This is definitely a boon in the life of whiskey lovers.


11. Fluorescent Jacket

Fluorescent Jacket

Vollebak’s jacket glows at night! This doesn’t even need charging. It charges itself during the day and glows at night up to 12 hours.


12. Fluidstance


Fluidstance is the innovative board designed exclusively for people who spend hours sitting in offices. This health-conscious board brings life to your legs by generating a motion and works on all surfaces.

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