These Unique Inventions Will Definitely Make Your Life Much Easier

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5. Fake Brand Detector

Fake Brand Detector

The Entropy is an awesome gadget designed to recognize fake brands which we fail to notice. It is designed to recognize 16 famous brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton and such.


6. Doodler Pen

Doodler Pen

These pens by 3Doodler can create 3D models anywhere. A built-in cooler also protects the pen from heating. Amazing, right?


7. Smart Insoles

Smart Insoles

Digitsole insoles are to keep your feet warm according to your preferred temperatures. These insoles can be controlled by a mobile app!


8. Smart Wallet

Smart Wallet

This Volterman wallet notifies you and even takes a picture of anyone who tries to steal it. This can also act as a waterproof battery for your phone. Smart it is!

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