Twitter Is Raging With Shami’s Accident News; Says It Could be Conspiracy

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With all the controversies going on in Muhammed Shami’s life, another accident now takes place. He was recently freed from the charges of Match Fixing. There is already an investigation going on for the Charges of Sexual Harassment and Cruelty by his Wife Hasin Jahan. Today on his way from Dehradun to Delhi, this Indian fast bowler met with an accident. He was hit by a truck coming from the other side and lost control.


He is said to have suffered from several deep injuries on head and other parts of the body. He’s had 10 stitches and is now admitted to Dehradun for further recovery. When this news was taken to the Internet, twitter was Raging with this news. All the supporters of Muhammed Shami think that it was a perfectly planned accident, there is no way it could’ve been happened by a coincidence after all that is been going on in his life.

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We’re still waiting for a word from Hasin Jahan and Muhammed Shami on this. Hasin Jahan Hasan also tried to leak chats between Muhammed Shami and new controversies are coming up every day. What’s interesting is that this all seems like a plan to wreck the career of this great Fast bowler of Indian Cricket team.


See What Twitter Says:

Muhammed Shami is safe from the charges. He says that he’s okay with Hasin Jahan initiating cases on him, “I know that I’m not the man at fault, so I’d like to see to what extent she goes.

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All this is just an attempt to affect my Cricket career. I just want that BCCI initiates an investigation upon me as soon as possible, so that I’m able to play again.”

While his positive attitude towards all this is giving hope to all his fans. So we hope that he gets well soon. To keep yourself updated with more news on Shami, see what a Pakistani girl said about her relationship with Shami.