Luxury Life For Dogs, India’s First Dog Hotel Opens Up In Gurugram

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Dogs are the most beautiful creatures in the world. And there are dog lovers who love to spend their time and money for their dogs. Dog lovers pamper their Dogs like parents and can do anything to see their beloved pets in Happiness. And so we’ve got a Good news for all the Dog Lovers out there. India’s first Dog Hotel just opened up in Gurugram. Yes, you read that right.


Criterrati is the First Dog Hotel in India, opened up in Gurugram. It comes with luxurious pet suites specially made for dogs which include Velvet Headboards, Television and a Private dog Flap which leads to a Balcony. A one night stay in this luxurious facility amounts to rupees 4500 ($70). It’s the first hotel, specially made for Dogs in India as well as South Asia.


More About Criterrati

Luxury for dogs

This hotel specially made for dogs has a Rooftop Swimming Pools where your beloved pet can enjoy. It also has a spa for dogs which uses Ayurvedic massage oils to pamper them. Pet Owners can Keep their dogs here for the night, in luxurious Pet Suites. It comes with a 24-hour vet Facility. An on-call veterinary is present 24/7 in the hotel. A complete medical unit along with an operation there is still in process. It has a special playroom for your dogs.

Dog hotel in India

The Dog Hotel also has a Café made especially for dogs with Paw-Licking Delicacies. You can enjoy in the cafe with your dogs. The menu of this cafe includes Chicken & Rice, Muffins, ice-cream and Pancakes with Bacon. All the favorite things to team up with non-alcoholic beer from Belgium. Deepak Chawla is the Chief Executive of this hotel says “It was opened with an Idea of Treating their loved ones with Luxury”.

Now breeds like St. Bernards, Labradors and Lhasa Apsos can enjoy a Pampered lifestyle in India. It a great way to make your pets enjoy this dog hotel. Also, we all love to see illustrations with dogs in them. So, check out some illustrations by a Brazilian artist which will make you love your partner and dog even more.