Tragedy Strikes: Charminar Express Derailment, Leaves Many Injured At Nampally Railway Station

Charminar Express Train Accident

Three Charminar Express carriages derailed at the Nampally Railway Station on Wednesday, injuring five passengers. The event occurred at approximately 9:15 a.m. The train runs from Hyderabad to Chennai. Continue reading to learn more.


What Happened With The Charminar Express?

Charminar Express Derailed

At 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, the Charminar Express train derailed on the platform at Nampally Railway Station in Hyderabad, injuring roughly six passengers. The injured were taken to local health centers and the Railway Hospital at Lalaguda, Secunderabad, for medical attention. The loco pilot failed to see the dead-end line, causing the train coaches to derail off the track and further causing the accident that occurred when the train was traveling from Chennai to Hyderabad.

An FIR was filed after the train’s S2, S3, and S6 coaches derailed. Rerailment construction is proceeding quickly.


The Chief Public Relations Officer’s Comments On The Incident

Rakesh, the South Central Railway’s chief public relations officer, reports that the event happened on Wednesday, January 10, at approximately 9:15 a.m.

“The event took place at approximately 9:15 a.m. Due to its dead end, this railway station serves as a terminal station where trains conclude. The train overshot and struck the end, even though it was supposed to halt before. In the incident, three of the train’s coaches derailed, CPRO Rakesh told ANI.

“Trains terminate at this terminal station on the railway. The train overshot, even though it was supposed to stop before the finish. In the event, three of the train’s carriages derailed. Five or six people who were standing close to the train’s doors were slightly hurt in the incident. The South Central Railway’s Railway Hospital, Rakesh, CPRO, is where they receive treatment.


Charminar Express Derailment Under Investigation

Charminar Express Derailed

Officials from Southern Central Railway informed TNIE that all injuries were transferred to a hospital and that no casualties had been reported. Furthermore, the cause of the derailment is being investigated by the authorities.

Passengers who purchased their tickets in advance and their travel schedules are probably going to be impacted by the derailment because of the Sankranthi festival holidays. Train services are anticipated to be canceled or diverted in the interim. The SCR authorities have not yet verified this.

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