Maldives Tourism Extends Apology; Appeals EaseMyTrip To Resume Flight Bookings

Maldives Tourism

The Maldives Tourism Body recently appealed to EaseMyTrip, addressing Indian travelers as “siblings,” aiming for a deeper connection. This heartfelt plea seeks collaboration for a unified and strengthened travel experience. Emphasizing shared bonds, the appeal transcends political nuances for the collective benefit of the tourism sector. The call underscores the significance of a harmonious partnership between the Maldives and India.


Maldives Tourism Body’s Plea To Ease My Trip Amidst Diplomatic Tensions

Amidst the India-Maldives diplomatic tensions, MATATO appeals to EaseMyTrip, urging flight booking resumption. Despite political comments, MATATO highlights Indian tourists’ vital role in the Maldivian economy, emphasizing the need for continued collaboration. Designated as an “indispensable force,” Indian travelers support local businesses in the tourism sector, acknowledged with gratitude by MATATO. Expressing enduring friendship, MATATO positions Indian visitors as cherished brothers and sisters, transcending political differences.


Tourism As The Maldivian Lifeblood


As the lifeblood of the Maldives, tourism contributes over two-thirds of the GDP, sustaining approximately 44,000 livelihoods. The plea highlights the potential adverse impact on tourism, warning of severe repercussions on the Maldivian economy if the situation escalates further. The plea serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness between Indian tourists and the economic prosperity of the Maldives.

According to the Maldives Tourism Ministry, over two lakh Indians visited the country last year, with a substantial 4.5 lakh over the past two years. The pandemic further solidified the bond, with nearly 63,000 Indians visiting when the Maldives remained open to tourists, underscoring the enduring allure of the tropical paradise.


MATATO’s Call For Unity

In response to derogatory comments directed at Prime Minister Modi, MATATO urges all parties to refrain from contributing to divisiveness through hateful comments. The statement emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and unified narrative, recognizing the shared interests that bind nations and travelers together.

EaseMyTrip CEO Nishant Pitti is called upon to disregard the regrettable comments, with MATATO reiterating that these sentiments do not generally reflect the views of Maldivians. The plea emphasizes the necessity of collaboration for the collective benefit of the tourism sector.


Maldives President’s Plea To China

Amid diplomatic tensions, President Muizzu, pro-China, urges attracting more Chinese tourists to the Maldives. This signals a shift in tourism dynamics, emphasizing the strategic need to diversify the Maldivian economy. Muizzu’s plea aligns with a signed USD 50 million project for an integrated tourism zone on the Indian Ocean island. This development suggests a potential recalibration of tourism partnerships in the region.


India-Maldives Row

Diplomatic tensions arose over critical comments about Prime Minister Modi, suspending three Maldivian ministers. Amidst continuing Indian fury, pressure grows on President Muizzu and the ruling coalition before an impending general election. The conflict intensified with Modi’s Lakshadweep posts, sparking a #BoycottMaldives and #ExploreIndianIslands trend and increasing interest in the Indian Union territory. India’s measured response, summoning the Maldives envoy, emphasizes the need for a nuanced approach to maintaining a strong partnership.

Amid these complexities, MATATO’s plea to EaseMyTrip remains a testament to tourism’s resilience as a binding force. It transcends political discord for the collective prosperity of the Maldives and its cherished Indian visitors.

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