These Are The Top Ten FMCG Brands As Per Kantar Report

Top Ten FMCG Brands

Top Ten FMCG Brandsvia

The list of top ten FMCG Brands by Kantar group has recently been announced. And yet again, Parle tops the list for being the most chosen FMCG Brand for a decade. K Ramakrishnan, managing director of Kantar World panel, says that “Growth is largely driven by food brands since the frequency of essentials such as milk is significantly higher. Big brands continue to do well, and inflation is expected to grow CRPs even further”.

CRPs are the consumer reach points on whose basis the brand footprint ranks different brands. It depends on how often other households buy a particular brand. With 6531 million CRP, Parle has topped the list of 400 different brands. Today we will be talking about the top ten FMCG Brands. But before that,


What Is Kantar Group?

Based in London, England, Kantar Group is a leading data, insights, and consulting company. It was founded in 1992, and its key people are CEO Chris Jansen and CFO Ian Griffiths. Coming to Kantar India, Kantar India has recently released the 10th edition of its annual Brand Footprint report. Furthermore, they have also released the list of top ten FMCG Brands, with Parle securing the 1st position.


1. Parle

Parle G

Based in Mumbai, Parle is an Indian multinational food processing company. In 1929, the founder of Parle Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan got his hands over a factory so to produce confectionery goods like boiled sweets. It was supportive and appropriate of the ideals of the Swadeshi movement and thus gained momentum. Parle, best known for its Parle G biscuits, has a US $1.8 billion revenue.


2. Amul

Amul Girl

As per Kantar’s report, the second rank goes to Amul. Amul is a cooperative state government society founded in 1946 by Verghese Kurien. It is based in Anand, Gujarat. Its latest CRP is 5561 million. Compared to last year’s Kantar report, the CRP of Amul has grown by 9 percent. Its revenue is around $5.4 Billion.


3. Britannia

Britannia Story

Part of Wadia Group, Britannia Industries has also had a growth in CRP by 14 percent, which is 5370 million. It has been in prevalence since 1892, which makes Britannia one of the oldest existing companies for biscuits in India. Its revenue is around $1.6 billion. Britannia’s success story is worth knowing.


4. Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus is another highly chosen FMCG brand. Although an India-based company, it has its network spread over many countries of Asia. Its CRP is 4506 million. It is one of the oldest shampoo brands and continues to remain among the top choices of consumers.


5. Tata Consumer Products

Tata Consumer Products

Fifth on the list is Tata Consumer. An essential part of the TATA Group, Tata Consumer, has its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a significant distributor of tea and coffee products and has a CRP of 2723 million with a revenue of $1.6 billion.

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