From BCCI To PCB, Here Are The Top 10 Richest Cricket Boards In The World 2022

Richest Cricket Boards In The World

There are both national and international competitions in the game of cricket. The past ten years have seen significant advancements in cricket as a result of advances in technology and financial support. Along with basketball and football players, cricket players are now among the highest-paid athletes. This game has gained a huge fan base over the years. The majority of fans of this sport come from India, where they regard it as a religion. Additionally, the governing bodies profit greatly from sponsorships and TV broadcast agreements. Here are the richest cricket boards in the world for the year 2022.


10. Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC): INR 100 Crore

Match 7 Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka

The authority that controls cricket in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). The Board of Cricket for Sri Lanka (BCCSL) was the initial name in 1975. The SLC handles all of Sri Lanka’s national representative cricket teams. It includes the Men’s, Women’s, and Under-19 sides. Additionally, the SLC is in charge of planning and hosting Test tours and one-day international games with other countries. Recently, Sri Lanka Cricket was fighting to survive as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, BCCI intervened to assist them in planning matches between India and Sri Lanka. President Shammi Silva is now in charge of the SLC.


9. Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB): INR 113 Crore

World Cup

Cricket in Zimbabwe is governed by the Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB), formerly the Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU), until 2004. The International Cricket Council has full membership in Zimbabwe Cricket. It also oversees the national cricket squad of Zimbabwe, planning Test tours, One-Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals with other countries. Additionally, it plans domestic cricket matches for Zimbabwe’s cricket squad. Numerous well-known companies, like Castle Lager, ZimGold, Coca-Cola, etc., sponsor ZCB. Wilfred Mukondiwa serves as ZCB’s CEO, and Tavengwa Mukuhlani serves as the company’s chairman.


8. West Indies Cricket Board (WICB): INR 116 Crore

Cricket World Cup

Cricket West Indies is the organization in charge of overseeing cricket in the country. The former name of the board was the West Indies Cricket Board of Control in the early 1920s. However, in 1996, it changed to West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Since 1926, CWI has held full membership in the International Cricket Council. They manage the West Indies and West Indies A cricket teams. It also plans Test tours and one-day international competitions with other teams.

In the West Indies, it also coordinates domestic cricket. One of the world’s oldest boards is WICB. Their primary source of income is through broadcasting rights. Their revenues were not as significant before 2013. However, their income gradually increased in 2013 following the launch of the Caribbean Premier League. In addition, they have sponsor brands, including Castore and JetBlue.


7. New Zealand Cricket (NZC): INR 210 Crore

New Zealand Cricket

The organization that oversees professional cricket in New Zealand is New Zealand Cricket. Its former name was New Zealand Cricket Council. In New Zealand, cricket is the most prominent and well-liked summer sport. New Zealand cricket manages the New Zealand cricket squad. It arranges One-Day Internationals and Test Tours with other countries. It also oversees the Plunket Shield first-class competition and domestic cricket in New Zealand. Christchurch serves as NZC’s administrative center. Numerous companies, such as Ford, ANZ, Air New Zealand, KFC, Gillette, etc., are sponsors of the NZC.


6. Cricket South Africa (CSA): INR 485 Crore

Cricket South Africa (CSA)

The organization overseeing amateur and professional cricket in South Africa is called Cricket South Africa (CSA). In 2008, Cricket South Africa became the sole organization in charge. All levels of cricket in South Africa are governed by the CSA, including the national teams in all three formats for men and women. Additionally, CSA plans and manages a variety of national competitions. Additionally, they have a few of the most powerful players in their squad. Despite having a long history of success in cricket, South Africa has, unfortunately, been unable to win the World Cup.


5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB): INR 802 Crore

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)

Bangladesh Cricket Board manages the cricket tournament in Bangladesh. In 1977, the Bangladesh Cricket Board first joined the International Cricket Council as an associate member. Additionally, it became a Full Member on June 26, 2000. Bangladesh is represented by three international cricket teams managed by BCB. It includes the national cricket teams of Bangladesh men, Bangladesh women, and Bangladesh under-19. The board has its headquarters at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur, Dhaka. The Bangladeshi team has made significant progress recently. It is currently one of the world’s strongest teams. Major sponsors like Pan Pacific and Aamra Network are also with them.


4. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB): INR 811 Crore

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

In Pakistan, cricket is governed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). It oversees and plans all of the national cricket team Pakistan’s tours and tournaments. In the International cricket competitions organized by the ICC, the board also represents the nation’s men’s and women’s national teams. The Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan, which is now known as the Pakistan Cricket Board, was established on May 1, 1949. Lahore is where its headquarters is located. The PCB has received sponsorship from various enterprises, including Pepsi, Gatorade, United Bank Ltd., Brighto Paints, and others. Pakistan Super League is one of PCB’s significant sources of revenue.


3. England And Wales Cricket Board (ECB): INR 2135 Crore

England Cricket Board (ECB)

The national governing body for cricket in England and Wales is the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). It was established as a single governing body on January 1, 1997. The Women’s Cricket Association was also incorporated into the organization in April 1998. The ECB’s headquarters are in northwest London at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The national teams and all other levels of cricket in England and Wales are governed by the board.

Despite being the England and Wales Cricket Board, the organization is referred to as the ECB rather than the EWCB. It results from a choice made by those in charge of directing the transition from the earlier bodies. The ECB is in charge of overseeing England cricket’s finances and commercial exploitation. The major sponsors of ECB are Royal London, Lifebuoy, and New Balance.


2. Cricket Australia (CA): INR 2843 Crore

Cricket Australia (CA)

The organization that oversees both professional and amateur cricket in Australia is Cricket Australia (CA). Its initial name was “Australian Board of Control for International Cricket,” in 1905. The Men’s, Women’s, and Youth sides of the Australian national cricket team are all managed by Cricket Australia. Additionally, CA is in charge of planning and hosting Test tours and one-day international competitions with other countries. Their head office is in Melbourne. Numerous organizations support them as sponsors. Gatorade, HCL, Vodafone, Dettol, KFC, Toyota, Cadbury, and other brands are among the sponsors. They also generate enormous profits from the Big Bash League.


1. Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI): INR 3730 Crore

Indian Cricket Team (BCCI)

The national governing body for cricket in India is the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Its corporate headquarters are located in Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, a prominent cricket venue. The BCCI is the world’s wealthiest cricket governing body. December 1928 saw the formation of the board. It is a combination of state cricket associations as well, and the state associations choose their representatives, who then pick the president of the BCCI. BCCI manages the three teams that represent India in international cricket.

It consists of the national under-19 cricket team, national women’s cricket team, and national men’s cricket team. The BCCI has the world’s highest net worth of any cricket governing body. It has a $2 billion overall net worth. The Indian Premier League is BCCI’s primary source of income. Among the various sponsors of the BCCI are Byju’s, MPL Sports, Dream 11, Paytm, Star Sports, and numerous others. The BCCI will host the upcoming 2023 Cricket World Cup in addition to hosting previous ICC World Cups.

These are the top 10 richest cricket boards for 2022. The responsibilities of the Cricket Boards grow as it gains in popularity. They observe every action both on and off the field. They must also keep track of all cash inflows and outflows. The boards must also monitor the performances of the players. The cricket boards have the burden of a lot of duties to maintain the game.

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